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Let's take a look at the mounts available in the game since update 2.1. To see the frames already presented, go to the last article.


Mounts obtained through reputations

Each of the following frames can be purchased for 120000 gils, even at this price, they are too adorable!

Crowned Goobbue
Sylphe Vendor

Cavalry Draconid
Seller Amalj'aa

Cavalry elbst
Sahuagin seller

Bombo swing
Seller Kobold

Grim wolf
Seller ixali


Mounts of Achievements

The following two mounts are obtained thanks to an achievement: to have them, you must complete 200 challenges at 8 as a Paladin for the war lion and complete 200 challenges to 8 as a Warrior for theWar bear  (Extreme Primals and Bahamut only).

War lion

War bear

For'Magitek type C armor, you must receive 500 times the honors of your teammates.

Chocobo the parade, you must receive 3000 times the honors of your teammates.

For the displacement module, you have to win 200 fronts.

Mounts on the primordial

The following mounts can be obtained after combat on the various primordial:

Aithon on Ifrit Extrême

Gullfaxi on Titan Extrême

Enbarr on Leviathan Extrême


Xanthos on Garuda Extrême


Alicorne de Jais on Garuda / Titan / Ifrit Extrême


Ship on Ramuh Extrême

Boreas - on Shiva Extrême

When you have obtained the following mounts: Aithon, Xanthos, Gullfaxi, Enbarr, Markab, Boréas, go to Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (21, 8) to obtain To do :


PvP mounts

The following mounts are obtained through an achievement: to get them, you must achieve 100 Frontline victories with your great company

Sand horse - The Immortals


Stormhorse -The Maelstrom

Snake horse - The Order of the Two Vipers


The loyal player's mount

Le Big chocobo is a bonus mount, offered to owners of the Collector's Edition of FFXIV, V1 et A Realm Reborn


Veteran Rewards

L'Elephant béhémoth is offered to you in-game when you purchase a 270-day subscription.


Sponsorship frame

Draft Chocobo


Frame at purchase

Sleipnir - on purchase in the Mog station

Ceremonial Chocobo - obtained with a Gold Formula or Platinum Formula of the Eternal Bond.


Gold Saucer

Adamankhelone obtained with 200,000 GPS

Fenrir obtained with 1 GPS

And you, what is your mount?


Guide V1 : 01/07/14
Guide V.2.3: 29/07/14
Guide V.2.4: 20/08/14
Guide V.2.4.1: 21/11/14
Guide V.2.5: 01/02/15
Guide V.2.5.1: 28/02/15

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