FFXIV - Make your tool Lucis: harvester

You had your tool Supra now let's take it up a notch with your light outil  for your Earth disciplines. The latter will ask you for a lot of components but is still quite easy to obtain!




You will need for your tool:

  • 20 moonstone
  • 60 Ethereal Coated Canvas or 60 Bamboo Paper or 60 Frost Crystal
  • 99 Roche Anteombrale HQ or 99 Rondin Fragrant HQ or 20 Giant Cocoquillage HQ
  • Your Supra tool
  • Collect 408 with your Gathering Trades.


Obtain the Moonstones

You have three ways to get the moonstones:

  • By making treasure maps
  • By doing the delivery quest to Ixali
  • By purchasing them for 4 Great Company Points

Obtain the other components

To obtain the other components, you have two possibilities:

  • By purchasing them for 600 Great Company Points
  • By carrying out level 45 mandates in Mor Dhona



  • Botanist
  • Minor
  • Sinner

You will need an Expert Botanical Voucher of Talan, Hachette De Rauni Supra and 20 moonstone to obtain your Hachette de Rauni lucis.

To obtain an Expert Talan Botanical Credit, you will exchange your Fragrant Log x 99 HQ as well as your 60 Bamboo Paper in Talan.

To collect the HQ Fragrant Log, head to the Central Forest, Brancharquée Ranch at 06:00, Slot 6.

You will need an Expert Talan Mining Credit, Mammon Supra Ice Ax, and 20 Moonstone to get your Mammon Lucis Ice Ax.

To obtain an Expert Talan Mining Credit, you will exchange your Antebrum Rock x 99 HQ as well as your 60 Ethereal Coated Web in Talan.

To harvest the Anteombrale Rock direction Thanalan Oriental, Desiccated Bone Camp at 02:00, Slot 7.

You will need an Expert Talan Fisherman's Credit, Alcyon Supra Fishing Rod and 20 moonstone to get your Alcyon Lucis Fishing Rod.

To obtain an Expert Fishing Credits from Talan, you will trade your 30 HQ Giant Cocoshell as well as your 60 Frost Crystal in Talan.

To fish for giant Coco-shell, go to Oriental Noscea in Costa Del Sol then to the South of the Bloody Shores. You can fish it from 23 p.m. to 2 a.m. only

You will need a minimum of 370 collection. I recommend you as food Simmering Salad

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