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We caught an officer smuggling with the Cartel

(Small warning: this article was not created to troll or encourage trolls. Only as the main focus of communication around TOR is the secondary market element of the Cartel, I wanted to cover its novelties on a quirky and humorous tone. Nothing more. Thank you for staying in the same atmosphere.)

My dealer just knocked on my door. He comes to tell me that a new random pack will soon be released at the Cartel Market. He even had the list. And offered me a supply of death sticks to write an article on. I hesitated. Drugs are bad! It is very dangerous to take them, even the legal ones. And death sticks are illegal on both Republic and Empire sides. Then I thought of you. You liked the first one, can I deprive you of a sequel?

So here's the new Cartel Pack, the Vice Commander's Contraband Pack. Already, who spawned such a name? It loots military resources. Not very glorious for the big heroes that TOR presents us with. Rather mean. If I found out that the vice-commander in question was under my command, I would immediately take him to the show: suspended in the void above ferocious beasts who feast on pieces of him pre-cut and that I would have personally grilled at lightning strikes. Starting with his language, so he doesn't break my eardrums any more. But hey, I'm Sith, I tend to get carried away by my Dark side. You don't have to follow me, naive Jedi… I digress, let's come back to look at everything he stung instead.

And we start with a few crystals. Given the colors, it is a Republican who has chosen to set up on his own. We are finishing the black-white range with four new copies and we are starting a new series: cyan. Sorry ? Isn't that the name? Do you have to say blue-silver? So what ?

Armor continues to ride a KOTOR revival wave. I must admit that I have put water in my (Alderaan) wine since my article on the previous packs. Other than a passing fad on Malak's jaws, I haven't seen much abuse on Battle Meditation. We are far from the Darth Revan at every corner of the resort. And then, the three of this series are more versatile than the previous ones. I personally missed the armor of the restored Triumvirate. After all, this is the armor of the soldiers of Darth Revan's army (the Triumvirate being the organization that succeeded them in KOTOR II). It is therefore not illogical to imagine recoverable residues here and there. In a flea market in Tatooïne?

Still, Jolee Bindo the Jedi Homeless outfit has undergone a makeover.

At the time of KOTOR, I had recovered a number of mods to lengthen the playing time or simply to improve graphics that were much too simplistic. I had one that allowed the Jedi robes to be changed to the pattern used for Bastila Shan. My opinion has still not changed on the subject: on a male character, it absolutely does not.

Tx2 has bet that the next pack will contain the outfits for Mission Vao and Canderous Ordo (Mandalore the Savior, for connoisseurs). Is there anyone who would like to take up the challenge?

Two other outfits catch my attention: that of the Red Saber and Thana Vesh. Why ? However, this is just a re-coloring of a social outfit (with a bounty hunter helmet) and a variation of the old Sith Warrior PvP outfit. Yes but where do their names come from? Let's be crazy, let's spoil it! * hides behind a shield to avoid the projectiles of those who would not have understood. * * retrieves an apple with the Force * fqkjqdjlqdlhqdfhlqhjqfhjmqmdqjdkjhqfhkqdfshk. Sorry, I know we don't talk with our mouths full. Is the spoiler good? So the Red Saber is a famous pirate whose secret agent usurps the identity in his prologue (with a duel in the key). And Thana Vesh tries to pose as the player's rival in Taris' story.


These two sets are good news. Not for their personal qualities. They are not beautiful. Unless… Who drooled on the floor? I almost broke my pumps because of him! No, the interesting thing about these outfits is that they come from the game. TOR is finally starting to use their own models for food. Good or bad news, I'll let you be the judge.

Let's add a set of Imperial Agent (Troublemaker) and Consular (Matriarchal). Did you get the name correctly, guys? Matriarchal! Remember it if you feel like putting it on. Or else agree to be called elegant.


The relaxed uniform is a re-coloring of the relaxed jumpsuit. Not bad, because the colors red and black went badly with certain races or even classes.

Now make way, bunch of scrapings. The Third Army of Alderaan arrives. Allow the statesmen of House Thul, allied to the Empire, and their loyalist soldiers to pass.


And some other colorings too. Like the new scanner or the return of the toothpick.


Now on to the mini-farts. And I want to make a claim! It is unacceptable ! They are still so badly trained! Between the one who ate my old pair of boots, the droid who opened fire on the oven and the miniature ship that goes through the windows, they are screwing up the hell in the little apartment I rented on Dromund Kaas ! I'm going to have to offer them to my worst enemy if they remain this troublesome!

Deco department now. After the copies of Satele, Malgus and a Hutt, here is the new essential accessory to decorate your little home: the holo-statue of Revan! To show your friends in the company of vacation photos!

Before we move on to the speeders, I'm going to ask you to step aside. Yes, even more. Always. No, I don't want to take you out of the box. There it is. Dark Onidra can Force jump and walk past anyone. You do not agree ? Do you want to complain? Do you have suicidal tendencies? Walan can explain to you that you shouldn't upset the boss. So for her it will be one of those new Cartel skiffs. Not a vulgar desert speeder in Bantha fur.

With the added bonus of a Gurian model matching the white scalene outfit. But yes, you know, the one we call the White Tron. It will be booooo! Or not.

The weapon series from the previous pack was called Aurek. The current one is Besh. In spanish, it means A and B. With all the same a Grek in the middle. No, it's not a kebab! It's a G!

And for melee, don't forget spare prostheses. Because names like unstable and supercharged for lightsabers, it suggests (very) next stick explosions ...

On the emotes side, there is a new mood that defines the rest well: goofy.

We can feel the new influence of Disney on Star Wars! It's the same look as Mickey's dog! Sorry Commissioner Biales, Mickey's friend. After that, how do you watch the baby, fist in the air, groove or even the beach party without wondering which of the developers or me is really under the death stick.

This is followed by a series of boosts, partner gifts, an explosion of credits, crafting materials, jawagrams, and other Cartel reputation items. Nothing important to add above. We all know. And a title. A special property ...

The vice-commander. Good for those who want military PR without being a soldier. Or it is that we finally caught it! I'll let you see what you want to do to him. I'm going to throw up, my death sticks have turned. Definitely, drugs are bad!

(Small warning: this article was not created to troll or encourage trolls. Only as the main focus of communication around TOR is the secondary market element of the Cartel, I wanted to cover its novelties on a quirky and humorous tone. Nothing more. Thank you for staying in the same atmosphere.)

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