FFXIV - Manteneige

As a result of climatic disturbances caused by the Scourge, the imposing Manteneige Glacier now blocks the road that once led to the highlands of western Coerthas. It seems, however, that this icy wall, which was thought to be impassable, actually hides many secret galleries. Who was able to dig them and at what cost?

To gain access to this dungeon, you will need to complete the epic quest "Heretical ambush". The minimum Ilvl required to enter is 80. Soft music will accompany you throughout your dungeon, be careful not to fall asleep, I loved it!

We are off to explore this new dungeon. After a few monsters, the first boss is in front of us.

Here is Wandill, an Ice monster. First challenge of this instance, it will be quite easy to manage. He will start to do a spell Snowdrift which produces damage in front of him. Then a Gel hype will appear.

You will then have to go directly to him and kill them as quickly as possible. You will have to deal with them several times during the fight. Meanwhile, Wandill will put on the whole group a debuff Glaciation.

You will not be able to avoid having this debuff.

Wandill will make a Cold wave. This results in an area resting on the ground and if one person stays in it it will have damage and a charge of Glaciation additional. When you get to 4 charges, you are frozen in place and cannot take any action for 10 seconds.

From his 40% life, Wandill will reduce the combat zone.

You just have to finish the fight and you are victorious.

We continue the advance in the dungeon with the blizzard and its elementals to arrive in front of the platform of our second boss, Yeti.

Here the whole fight rests on the shoulders of your tank because he will have to move. But your DPS will not be outdone, they will have to be clever. Indeed, they will especially not have to DPS all the monsters that arise. There are two types of monsters that appear here:

  • Spriggan ice cream cutter

  • Forced from the ice

It will be necessary to kill the Forced from the ice. For the Spriggan ice cream cutter, they will be transformed into boule de neige thanks to the spell Freezing Breeze de Yeti

You can make it fat snowballs three times and then throw them on the Yeti which will suffer enormous damage. If you stay in the spell Freezing Breeze of Yeti, you will receive a debuff Freezing. You will therefore have to move constantly.

There you have it, you just have to do a lot of snowballs to overcome Yeti !


Now let's go to the last boss: Fenrir.

This beautiful tomcat is more impressive than difficult to fight. He will start by casting the spell Thousand Years Storm. You will be dazzled by this spell.

Then the fight begins. He is going to make three appear in the room Ice peak.

Two will cast a spell in one direction, don't stay in this area. The third is used to hide from his moon cry. You will have to hide every two Ice Peaks spawns.

You should know that if you do not hide from his moon cry, you will receive a debuff and that person will die upon returning from Fenrir who will pounce on him and the will eat. You will only have to avoid the areas on the ground at the risk of taking a freezing.

You have come to the end of Keep as well as Fenrir.

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