SWTOR - JcJ Tournament: Midgard Circus

The Sirkus Miðgarð is a PvP tournament, organized by the Dogs of Midgard on the Mantle of the Force server.

And its two arenas:

  • A goose that lays golden eggshells: Which will host the qualifications and the 8th finals.
  • Sunset of heroes. : who will host the quarterfinals, the semi-finals, and the final!


Date : December 10, 2015
Start : from 20:30 p.m., the goal is to start the tournament at 21:30 p.m. at the latest.
Location : the locations of the arenas are kept secret. Trust me, you will fight in places that will make Baron Mark Demort green with jealousy! Both familiar and unexpected ...


Conditions :

  • 1v1 tournament (duel)
  • All classes authorized from level 55 to 65 (lowering of the level below 55 because of the planets that will host the duels)
  • PvP gear highly recommended (stats will be smoothed out but expertise still counts)
  • Participation fees: 125 credits
  • Places limited to 32 participants


Rewards :

  • 1st: 1 million credits + 100 ZdG medipacs and doping agents
  • 2nd: 500 credits + 000 ZdG medipacs and doping agents
  • 3 rd: 250 credits + 000 ZdG medipacs and doping agents

The first three will also have the choice of an additional reward from a list of prizes!

Note: the rewards may be increased depending on the number of registrants, something we do not know at the moment. We also pay for all tp guilds needed to bring competitors to the tournament venue. Currently the registration fees are calibrated for 16 registrants, if we have more participants we will increase the rewards!



  • The clashes will take place in 1 winning round until the 8th finals, then in two winning rounds for the quarters, semi-finals and the final.
  • Stim is allowed.
  • Medipacs and doping drugs (PvP and PvE) are NOT allowed.
  • Cyber ​​grenades are allowed.
  • 5 seismogrenades will be distributed to each participant before the start of the tournament.
  • A referee will supervise the progress of the fights.
  • A medical team will be present to pick up the pieces of any dismembered.
  • Arena locations will NOT be revealed to you in advance.
  • From 20:30 p.m. on the evening of the tournament, we (organizers) will form a group made up of the participants and proceed with a group tp to take you to the arena (transport at 21:20 p.m. at the latest). Participants once there will be free to communicate and invite whomever they wish to join the location of the fights.

Organization of fights

Find the tournament tree and the list of participants here:



  • If 8, 16 or 32 participants: classic tournament sheet and opponents drawn at random.
  • If between two, the draw of the fates of players who will have to participate in a first phase of qualification (example if 20 players: 8 players will be drawn, 4 will be eliminated by duel. The number of participants drops to 16 and we resume the score sheet. classic tournament).
  • The draw (opponent and / or qualification) will be done in / rand ig during the formation of the group before the tp.



To register, please send a message containing the name of the character who will participate in the tournament in order to facilitate the organization and registration fees to the following contacts:

  • Republic : Arual // Diffia
  • Empire : Slitheen // Diffio

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