FFXIV - March 10 update

In addition to a correction to the problems generated by the surcharge servers, this update modified the "Prepare call" function and fixed a few other minor issues.


Preparation call

Some of the previously announced changes were implemented in-game earlier than expected.

  • A player can no longer use a "Prepare Call" if they are the target of a monster's enmity. If another party member uses the "Prepare Call" command, then the response from the player currently targeted by the monster's enmity will automatically be submitted as "No."
  • The name of the player who triggers a "Prep Call" will now be displayed on the screen and in the chat window.
  • A "Reply later" button has been added. This option can be used to temporarily delay its response during a "Prepare call". To submit your response after using this option, simply select "Prep Call" from the social menu to reopen the confirmation screen. If a player is still on "Answer Later" after the 30 seconds of confirmation have elapsed, their answer will automatically be submitted as "No."
  • The window will not reappear automatically once the "Prepare call" is selected.


Several issues have been fixed:

  • The level of the "Plasmoid" monster in "Outer Noscea" was incorrect.
  • Parts of the dialogue of the NPC "J'brohka" in "Noscea Orientale" appeared in Japanese.

And finally, there are two mandates who find their good objective:

  • The objective listed in the journal for the crafting mandate "Big Order: Consolation Tomatoes" was "Tomato Pie" instead of "Rolanberry Lassi".
  • The objective listed in the journal for the crafting mandate "Delivery: A Small Glass of Natron" was "Natron" instead of "Tile".

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