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INSIDE, the new adventure game from Playdead (the makers of LIMBO) was released for console ahead of its scheduled arrival on Steam on July 7. Unable to wait for his PC arrival, I went exploring on the Xbox One version.

The story puts us at the helm of a young boy alone in the middle of a strange complex.


Without really knowing the reason for my presence, or even what I should do, I move on. I discover the ultra simple controls of the game entirely in 2D. It is possible to go right and left, as well as up or down. On the other hand, impossible to go into the depth of the decor. On the action side, the character can jump and grab things to pull / push them.

There are people lurking in the area who seem very unfriendly to me, so I hide in the trees, moving forward, staying as much as possible in the shadows. I dodge the beams of the headlights and flashlights, passing at the right time so no one notices me. I finally come to a wall, the first simple puzzle where I have to pull an abandoned refrigerator to climb up and keep running away. Because yes, my goal now appears more clearly: to leave as far as possible from this place of death.

I keep running, dogs notice my presence, people shoot me. The slightest mistake is fatal, the little boy unfortunately has no chance against his enemies all stronger.

Death, very common, is not punitive: the boy reappears next door. Fortunately, because it is not always possible to predict what is going to happen and react well the first time. So he often dies. Very often because the slightest error is often fatal. As the boy does not know how to defend himself, it is above all necessary to try to be discreet and to avoid any source of light. Go slowly so as not to make too much noise, study the cycles of patrols and automatic lights, find safe places out of the line of sight of adults, avoid unnecessary risks and return to hide without trying to push your luck. When there are inevitable events, you have to run fast, faster than the dog, the pig or the armed guard, and hide or dive away from danger. Sometimes the boy can jump to dodge an animal charge, jump into the water to dodge bullets, or swim to throw a dog away.

During the puzzle phases, there is no need to stress. Time is not a factor. The solution is not always easy to find, although it is logical. How to access a door that closes when the basin fills? How do I activate all the switches at the same time?

This complex contains dark secrets that will reveal themselves little by little as we explore its depths. Everything is creepy, dilapidated, creepy, the feeling of uneasiness is exacerbated by the dark graphics and perfectly adapted background music, supported by the gasps of the frightened child. The game alternates wonderfully between phases of play, between calm puzzles and stressful races.

A few surprises also spice up the action ... It's up to you to see if you want to discover it while playing or now!

Up to you !

Thanks to strange helmets, it is possible to control "zombies" that hang out all over the complex. A good solution to reach inaccessible places, out of reach of the boy.

A phase takes place entirely underwater thanks to a submarine, bringing a more important dimension to the game, allowing to fully exploit the 4 directions! Truly ingenious, this new vehicle will allow you to go to new places, as magnificent as they are dilapidated and dangerous. Strange creatures roam, evil sirens that only light keeps at bay.

Some screenshots of better quality than mine.

Creepy, well-designed, with masterful audio design and graphics, INSIDE is an adventure / puzzle game that I recommend to any fan of the genre. Throughout the adventure, I vibrated for this lonely and desperate boy who can only count on me, hoping to succeed in getting him out of this inextricable situation. The game is currently available on Xbox One and will be on Steam on July 7th if you prefer PCs! You can pre-order it now to make sure you don't miss the launch!

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