FFXIV - Memoirs of the Seventh Plague II - The Sultana and the Seven Lalafells

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The first anniversary festivities continue to move forward and here is the second story that will delight history buffs. Good reading !

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Motionless on the terrace of Ul'dah Palace, her gaze fixed on the unbroken line of marching soldiers, she had watched them leave several days ago. As tradition dictates, the troops had passed through the gate to the east of the City, that of Thal, the god of the dead; because he spares, it is said, those who cross this symbolic threshold of his kingdom.
Nanamo Ul Namo, 17th Sultana of Ul'dah, had followed them with her eyes long after the dust of Thanalan had covered the traces of their passage.

From that day on, the Sultana's behavior changed dramatically. Her face was permanently tense, her movements betrayed perpetual unease, and she was unable to concentrate on political affairs. To top it off, she alarmingly lost her appetite. Without the reassuring presence of Raubahn Aldynn at her side, the young girl was lost and her maids did not know what to do to reassure their mistress.
Raubahn was a member of the Cartel of Scorpions, the assembly that was supposed to support the royal house but which in fact governed the country. However, he was above all the general of the great company of the Immortals, and so it was natural that he should lead his troops in the battle against the Garlemald army.

" What a shame. I am almost sixteen years old and I behave like a child ... "

No matter how much she blames herself, she can't swallow anything today either, and she ends up leaving the table without having touched her plate. This does not escape the worried gaze of Pippin Tarupin, an officer of the Immortals and ward of Raubahn. He hoped to follow his adoptive father and his companions in arms to the plain of Carteneau, but his guardian gave him custody of Nanamo in his absence. He is painfully aware that he is completely failing to fulfill the task at hand.

These days of ill-concealed worries followed and dragged on like this, until the long-awaited and feared moment arrived.

“Your Highness, we just got a linkshell call from the Eorzean Alliance. Hostilities have started in the plain of Carteneau! "

"Very good" is the only response Nanamo gives to Pippin when he brings the message to her in the assembly hall, called the Incense Chamber, where she is. Her lack of reaction is not without baffling the Lalafell, but the Hyur present alongside the Sultana is not otherwise troubled and addresses her with his usual aplomb.

“Pull yourself together, Majesty. You have responsibilities. "

The man who speaks so familiarly to his queen is named Thancred. A member of the Cenacle of Knowledge, he is authorized to come and go to the palace as an advisor.

"And of what use then are these responsibilities for our people !? "

She is well aware that she is only passing the anger born of her frustration on him, but she cannot help but scream like a rude child. Thancred, however, doesn't seem in the least bit affected by his behavior.

"Excellent, you have some energy left!" Show off the same when you pray at the Arrzaneth Ossuary in front of the statue of Thald. This is one of the essential steps to summon the Twelve to save Eorzea. "

The invocation of the twelve Gods ... Here is the plan developed by the wise Louisoix to prevent the fall of the lunar satellite Dalamud and the coming of the seventh plague. A desperate attempt whose success depends on the ardent prayers of the Eorzeans. Nanamo remembers the explanations given by old Elézen. This is the real reason Raubahn and the allied forces went into battle: they must occupy the Imperials while the ritual is being performed.

“You may be young, but you care more than anyone for the well-being of your loved ones and your people. Your desire to protect them will give your prayers a strength that can only attract the attention of the Gods. Isn't that a useful responsibility, Your Highness? "

She does not respond immediately.
In truth, she is ashamed of having let herself go. She silently nods and runs out, Pippin at her heels.

"The little queen has finally made up her mind to act," Thancred thought with a smile.

Nanamo and Pippin are both kneeling in the cool Ossuary, praying fervently. Thancred, who was so good at motivating the young girl, did not follow them. He is at the Sanctuary of Milvaneth to fulfill his own duty.
The Sultana prayed with all her soul to the twin gods Nald and Thal, protectors of Ul'dah. She implores them to save Eorzea, to defend the City, and not to wrest Raubahn from him.
Hours go by without her realizing it. The noises outside, the growls, the smashes, the screams, nothing distracts her. Only his prayer counts.
As chaos seems to take hold of Ul'dah, the plinth of Thal's statue suddenly lights up, and the effigy of the deity is enveloped in a column of blinding light. At that point, she no longer has the slightest doubt. She knows that God has answered her call! Stunned by a deluge of sensations, he seems to hear Louisoix's voice ... but maybe it's just a dream?

"For the renewal of Eorzea ..."

Lying on the cold temple floor, the sound of footsteps wakes her after she has lost consciousness. Next to her, Pippin also comes to his senses and tries to get up, shaking his head.
Still numb from the experience, she distractedly gazes at the now dull statue when a man's screams bring her back to reality.

"L-la Cité is upside down!" There are riots in Sapphire Avenue! People are starting to loot everything they can! "

The man is obviously one of the occultists of the Order of Nald'thal. Looking pale and defeated, he is the very image of panic. Pippin's reaction to this news is visceral.

“Your Highness, you are in danger here. Let's go back to the palace without delay! "

Nanamo answers him without hesitation.

"We won't do it!" "

She gets up quickly and looks around. The Ossuary of Arrzaneth is the main temple of the occultists, and they rush to protect their precious relics and books. In the midst of this commotion, she sees Mumuepo, the Archbishop of the Ossuary, giving orders to his subordinates.

“Do not let in any of these disbelievers! If the mob approaches, give them a taste of your most destructive spells, and they will quickly see where they belong! "

Enraged by such words, she calls out violently to Mumuepo.

"How dare you threaten the lives of your fellow citizens !? Are these words worthy of a priest? "

Fulminating, it continues with more vigor.

“Our responsibility is to protect our people! They are terrified and desperate! We owe it to ourselves to save them! Is there no one here who will help us? "

Galvanized by the courage of his Sultana ready to face insurgents, Pippin instantly sided with him.

“I am at your service, My Queen! Count on me as you would Raubahn! "

His statement, unfortunately, only encourages the Silver Helmet Papashan and five young occultists, brothers judging by their resemblance. As for the others, they are paralyzed by fear, who are too busy saving their property. No one cares about the Sultana.
This does not prevent him from advancing bravely in the City, surrounded by the seven Lalafells. They form a singular picture in the midst of the anarchy that reigns. The beautiful parts of the city are now in the grip of utter confusion, but they walk resolutely, until Nanamo raises her voice amid the howls of rioters ransacking the stalls, the cries of the frightened merchants trying to escape them and the broken cries of parents and children who have been separated.

“Papashan, we have to get their attention! "

The old soldier obeyed, producing a dazzling flash.

"Occultists, use seeing spells!" "

The five brothers once again cast fire, lightning and ice spells towards the sky. The pillar of fire created by the one wearing the eye patch is so impressive that all eyes are on their little group.

“Pippin, carry me! "

The young man is not very tall, even for a Lalafell, but he somehow manages to lift the young girl on his shoulder, as her guardian so often does. Perched on him, she addresses the crowd in a loud voice.

“Hear me, people of Ul'dah! Hear me, proud people of the desert!
The seventh plague is upon us, and no one in Eorzea is safe!
But we are still alive! We still have a future! What good will the stolen wealth be for you today if all that remains tomorrow are ruins and ashes? Your only chance for fortune is in survival, and you will only survive by helping each other!
Think about the ones we saw go! Think of General Raubahn and the Immortals fighting right now in the Plain of Carteneau! They risk their lives to protect our City, to protect you! Would you let them return to a devastated Ul'dah? If the seventh plague strikes us, then we will have to hold out until the next astral age arrives! Don't let fear and despair guide your actions! Our country may be deeply damaged, but all together, we can bring it back to life! "

The fervor of the little Sultane has the desired effect: the citizens gradually calm down and help is organized.

The survivors of the Battle of Carteneau returned a few days later, this time passing through the gate of Nald, the god of the living. Haggered, eyes tortured and looking more dead than alive, however, they found their home intact.
Now it was time to think about reconstruction and the Uldians worked tirelessly on it. Nanamo hadn't forgotten Mumuepo's cowardice, however, and ended up ordering him to be removed from office. His power being only symbolic, the decree would have had no repercussions if Pippin had not discreetly gathered sufficient evidence of his involvement in corruption cases. The scandal would have been too great even for an organization as powerful as the Order of Nald'thal, which submitted and the former Archbishop was imprisoned.
It is the courageous Lalafell with the blindfold, assisted by her four brothers, whom she chooses to succeed Mumuepo at the head of the guild of occultists.

She sometimes thinks back to that fateful day when the Scourge struck Eorzea. She, who was laughed at like a puppet on the throne, had fulfilled her duty as Sultana. She therefore knows that she will be able to fulfill her last duty.

It is this certainty that will give him the strength.

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