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In Battlefront, it is possible to collect bonuses on the field. Some allow you to take control of vehicles or heroes.

Others also allow you to collect equipment that will help you on the battlefield.


The Tourelles

  • Anti-vehicle
  • Anti infantry
  • Manual

Here is an automatic turret that will target enemy vehicles in the vicinity. Very handy when you are on defense.

Another turret, but this will automatically attack enemy infantry.

This is a turret that you will need to take control of. By placing it strategically, you will be very effective in both attack and defense.


Personal Equipment

  • Squad shield
  • Proximity bomb
  • Thermal Grenade

A shield that allows you to take cover for everyone inside.

Bomb that you can place on almost any surface and that will explode when an enemy approaches.

This rather formidable grenade creates a thermal implosion which devastates everything in its field of action.


Large calibers

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Orbital Strike

Use the rocket launcher against enemy vehicles or soldiers for optimum destruction results.

Allows you to launch an orbital strike on an area of ​​your choice with your binoculars. A word of advice, don't stay in the zone!

Used wisely, these assets will allow you to have the advantage on the field! Which of these strengths do you prefer? 

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