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Failing to be able to play, we have something to read! Answers to beta testers drop in daily with details on Crafting and some specifics on various topics.


Crafting: adjustments planned

As explained before, getting HQ objects from NQ materials was too easy. We end up with a somewhat obscure market and a use of HQ materials that take a back seat (poor Disciples of the Earth, we no longer recognize their work at fair value).

To overcome this problem and its consequences, certain actions of the Craft industry will be reviewed in order to find the right balance. Here is what is planned:

  • Tricks of the trade (Alchemist skill that restores 45PS when you use it while synthesis state is excellent) and Comfort zone (you regain 10 HP after each turn for 10 turns) were found to be too powerful and will be adjusted.
  • These adjustments are going to be made so that the player can choose when to use their skills wisely. These changes will not affect the ability to perform HQs.
  • In addition to the skills of Alchemists mentioned, others allowed the craftsman to be on the same synthesis indefinitely. This will be changed to avoid this "problem".
  • Some Actions are difficult to use due to their high HP cost. The latter will be adjusted and the Actions modified.
  • Some Actions have a disproportionate cost compared to their effectiveness. Their cost will be reviewed.
  • Adjustments are being considered for the number of ingredients required in cooking recipes. The Kitchen is a craft a little apart which demands more, that's for sure. But they'll see if some recipes really have too many ingredients. Chefs, your feedback will be appreciated during Phase 4!


  • No adjustments planned for phase 4 on the difficulty of the Hazards (the players consider them too simple).
  • We lose the buffs at each synchronization when we participate in a Hazard. When Hazards occur as a result, you will keep synchronization. This should be available in Phase 4.


Mode Daltonien

For players with deuteranopia and protanopia (color blindness), the dev team has planned to implement special icons, more distinguishable for them. In the image below you will find the original on the first line. The following represent players with deuteranopia and protanopia.

As the shades of red and orange are difficult to distinguish, various shades of blue will be mixed.


Miscellaneous returns

And a summary of the latest announcements, one!



  • Choice of where the tooltips objects implemented in Phase 4.
  • From Phase 4, you can choose directly from the character sheet if you decide todisplay head gear, your primary weapon and your secondary weapon. No more tedious handling via the configuration menu! However, this choice will not be saved for each outfit.
  • New function to choose the color of name plates. You will have the choice between 56 colors.
  • If one quête in progress is located elsewhere than on the map where you are currently, its tracking icon will be displayed on the border of the zone to be borrowed (Phase 4).

What's that funnel on my head ?!


  • It is not planned to be able to send in-game messages via Lodestone.
  • You will not be able to skip the introductory cinematic (what an idea to want to do it too!: D).
  • There will be nocombat animations different for each race.
  • No adjustment planned for the texture of the sand of Costa Del Sol and the desert of Sagoli.
  • It is not planned to be able to launch buffs (shield, etc.) on someone who is not in our group.
  • There will be no possibility of réparer your equipment in dungeon. 

Bonus: a little cosplay!

Square Enix had organized a Cosplay contest on the theme of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The big winner is Altria, bluffing in Miquo'te! I imagine the hours to spend for such a spectacular result!

A Miqo'te larger than life

You can see more photos of the winner and finalists on the dedicated Facebook page as well as on the official FFXIV ARR website.

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