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During the maintenance of Tuesday, November 17, a patch was implemented to correct several problems and make several adjustments.

Perfect The Lodestone

The following issues have been fixed:

  • In "The Void Ark", during the fight against Cetus, the damage caused by Cetus' "Hydrexplosion" attack was incorrect.
  • In "The Void Ark", during the fight against Irminsul / Dentata, Dentata used "Ground Wave" even when the NPC Irminsul was defeated.
  • In “The Ark of Nothingness”, during the fight against Cúchulainn, the “Reduced Vulnerability” status did not dissipate.
  • In "The Pharos of Sirius (Brutal)", during the fight against 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu, Corrupted Slime did not use "Corrupture".
  • In "The Lighthouse of Sirius (Brutal)", during the fight against 8th Order Patriarch Be Gu, players could lose control of their character.
  • In "Alexander - The Father's Burden", the "Manipulator" could be projected.
  • In "The Diadem", the barrier to entry might not disappear, preventing the mission from starting.
  • In "The Diadem", some monsters could not defend themselves under certain conditions.
  • In "The Diadem", the ethereal turbulence could not be targeted by the characters on foot.
  • When entering "The Diadem", members of a prebuilt team may not enter correctly.
  • Entering "The Diadem" from the Air Control Panel in the Company Workshop, Team Leaders of Prebuilt Alliances may not enter correctly.
  • In the fight for the main quest “Between Light and Dark”, players could be attacked by non-targetable NPCs.
  • During the quest "It's always the best ...", players were able to obtain unnamed items.

An issue with Idyllée's NPC "Rare Item Dealers" where the amount of materials needed to trade the following "Artisan Items" was incorrect:

  • Piece of Purified Coke (HQ) / Raziq Blush Pinch (HQ)
  • Measure of Dryad's Sap (HQ) / Spool of Moonlight Silk Thread (HQ) / Lump of Odorless Animal Fat (HQ)

The "Vault's Belt of Aiming" values ​​were incorrect.

Instance servers could malfunction under certain conditions.

The rate at which the Transcendence gauge fills has been reset to values ​​prior to Update 3.1.

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