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A month after the arrival of the update 2.50 entitled "Before the Fall", here is that the 2.51 comes to the end of its nose. Let's see what beautiful things this update brings us:


New Quests

  • The Weapons of the Zodiac : you will again have the possibility to improve your weapon. This time you will have to associate it with fragments of souls called "mahatma" and increase their degree of resonance. The item level will this time be pushed to 135 and your weapon will be renamed to zeta. The quests start as usual in the Northern Forest (29, 19) with alzahn.
  • The Master Mog postman : the postman Mog needs you again. Meet him and discover what new adventures he has for you. You will find your master Mog at the usual place, ie at L'Entrepont, Limsa Lominsa (10, 11).
  • Mandervilles Gold Saucer Quests : main addition of this update, the gold saucer will only open its doors and games to those who have completed certain quests. You will simply need to be at least level 15 to try the adventure. A lucky young man in Ul'dah - Suburb of Nald (9, 9) should be able to help you.
  • Esthetician : a new haircut has been added to the esthetician's repertoire. You will have access to it by fulfilling certain conditions. You will need to obtain the item "Hairdressing Method" Ponytail "", which can be exchanged for PGS at the Gold Saucer.



The Gold Saucer of Mandervilles

Main element of this update, the Gold Saucer brings you many new features.

  •  The PGS: cThese are the points of the Gold Saucer. You will earn them by participating in the various activities of this amusement park. You will be able to exchange them for many items. Mounts, costumes and other surprises await you.
  • The chocobo races: vou will have the opportunity to ride your own chocobo to participate in frenzied races. Your mount will thus gain new skills in order to be even more efficient. You will even have the possibility to mate it with another chocobo in order to obtain an even more powerful offspring.
  • Triple Triad : The Triple Triad, a highly anticipated feature of this update, is a card game in which two duelists compete against each other. You will wage a merciless intellectual battle against NPCs or against other players.
  • The Cactpot: dThese number-linked games of chance are available in the Gold Saucer: the Mega Cactpot (weekly) and the Mini Cactpot (daily).
  • The JACTA: lThe JACTA (Creative Random Fun Type Games) are events that take place at regular intervals in the Gold Saucer. Event specialists throughout the facility will provide information on the location of the next JACTA, in addition to microphone announcements. When the JACTA begins, a special icon will indicate on the map the location of the client NPC to speak to in order to participate. Passing a JACTA earns PGS.
  • The mini-games: iThere are several types of fairground machines in the establishment. These quick games allow you to win small amounts of PGS if you win. It's up to you to prove that you are the best and thus pocket PGS

A Gold Saucer category has been added to the Character section of the main menu. Each section of this category will become available as you progress through the Gold Saucer quests:

  • General
  • Chocobo
  • Cards

This section presents the following information: Gold Saucer Points (PGS) : the number of points currently owned.

Triple Triad Tournament : information on the next tournament (the one in progress in case of participation).

Current tournament results : the number of duels made, victories and points. This information disappears after the rewards are withdrawn.

Mega Cactpot : indicates whether it is currently possible to participate, which number has been played if applicable, and whether the results of the draw are known.
Mini Cactpot : indicates the participation status for the current day.

This section presents the following information:Information: general data on the chocobo, its attributes and faculties, the state of the dressage, its rating, etc.
Pedigree : information relevant to mating, such as lineage, etc.

Appearance: color and equipment of the chocobo. This is where parts of his equipment can be changed.

Allows you to view information about the Triple Triad cards you own.

Create and edit Triple Triad games

Create an optimized game automatically.

Change the name of a game.

Delete a game


Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in Update 2.51.

  • Some actions did not trigger correctly with the text / talent (/ additionalaction) command:
    Blessing of Byregot / Quick Work / Piece by Piece / Serious Work / Careful Synthesis / Careful Synthesis II / Tricks of the Trade / Hasty Work / Mark of Ice / Mark of Earth / Mark of the Wind / Mark of Water / Mark of the fire / mark of lightning
  • During the Battle of Urth's Fountain, the actual area of ​​effect of the "Valknut" action used by Odin was smaller than indicated by the preview circle.
  • During the Battle of Urth's Fountain, it could happen that the automatic attack would not trigger, even at range of weapon technique.
  • When fighting Cerberus in the Dark World, a black transition screen could repeat itself twice in a row for no reason.
  • During the fight against Cerberus in the Dark World, the "Mini" state might not disappear under certain conditions.
  • During the fight against Cerberus in the Dark World, the "transport" state could be unjustifiably canceled by certain actions.
  • During the fight against Cerberus in the Dark World, it could happen in some cases that slayers continue to appear indefinitely.
  • A graphic flaw in the ebony longbow has been rectified.

You will find all the details of this update here.

Good game everyone !

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