FFXIV Patch 3.26 Notes

Thursday, April 14, 2016, a brand new update was implemented, bringing many adjustments and most importantly, the launch of the very first season of PvP mode "The Feast".

As a reminder :

  • [2.0] - only requires the base game At Realm Reborn.
  • [3.0] - content requires access rights to the Heavensward extension.
  • [2.0] [3.0] Requires the base game and the expansion to have access to all the content.


[2.0] [3.0] Adjustments have been made to the actions.

[2.0] The immobilization time after using the Healing Wind Transcendence or Empyrean Flood adrenaline blast has been reduced.

[2.0] [3.0] Adjustments have been made to all PvP combat modes.

  • The amount of damage causing interrupting spells / actions now varies based on a character's level and average item level. As a result, the casting of spells and certain actions is interrupted by an amount of damage independent of the maximum health.
  • The PvP action Emancipation is now available to superineurs / ninja.
  • Adjustments have been made to actions in PvP combat only.

  • Adjustments have been made to PvP actions.

[3.0] Additions and adjustments have been made to The Feast.

  • Season 1 has started.
    • It will last until the maintenance used to implement update 3.35.
    • At the end of the season, players in the top 100 places in their data center's solo and team rankings will receive a piece of furniture and / or one or more pieces of equipment as a reward. In addition, players will each obtain an accessory determined by their rank if they finish the season in one of the following: bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond.
      • The number of players awarded may vary for each ranking (solo / team) of the various data centers in the event of a tie.
  • Season 1 rankings will be posted online shortly.
    • They can be viewed on The Lodestone and from the game using a button and code located at the following location:
    • Character → PvP Profile → The Feast
      • Rankings will be released starting on Day 1 of Season XNUMX.
      • The leaderboard access button is only available for Windows and Mac versions.
  • The automatic grouping algorithm has been adjusted to match players with close ranks.
  • The reduction in PvP score in the event of defeat has been mitigated for the Bronze and Silver ranks to improve the chances of promotion for affected players.
  • The activation conditions and the effect of Heavy Medals have been changed to adjust its influence on the course of combat.
Avant After

  • The adrenaline gauge filling has been sped up to make battles more dynamic.

[2.0] [3.0] In the PvP combat modes below, the adrenaline gauge now continues to fill even when the character is no longer in the combat phase.

  • The Feast / The Border Ruins (deletion)
  • The Deep Rock (invasion)

[3.0] The accuracy required for attacks to hit enemies has been lowered for subsequent dungeons.

  • The Antitour
  • The Remains of the City of Amdapor (brutal)

[3.0] Adjustments have been made to the enemies of the Alexander - The Wrist of the Son (Sadistic) raid to reduce the difficulty.

  • Fracasseur
    • The number of mines in the Hidden Minefield attack has been reduced.
    • The damage dealt by the Super Charge attack of the Shatterer's aftershocks has been reduced.
  • Brawler
    • The damage dealt by the Ultra Powerful Plasma attack of the β Mighty Plasmas has been reduced.
  • Scammer
    • The health of Midan gunners has been reduced.
  • Whirlpool
    • Whirlwind's health has been reduced.
    • Reduced damage dealt by Shattering Lightning and Shattering Wave attacks.
[2.0] Damaged Orchestrion Scrolls now consistently appear in chests after defeating Alliance Raid Bosses below.
  • The Crystal Tower - Ancient maze
  • The Crystal Tower - Syrcus Tower
  • The Crystal Tower - Dark World


[2.0] Game startup has been made more stable for the Mac version.

Resolved issues

  • The following issues have been fixed.
    • In Shatterbelt Island, a character would occasionally fall KO'd after being caught and released by an arm of the Kraken.
    • In Alexander - The Arm of the Son (sadistic), it happened that the sturm dolls self-destruct immediately after appearing.
    • In the Alexander - The Arm of the Son (sadistic) raid, it happened under certain conditions that more engine oils than expected appeared.
    • The description of the PvP action Emancipation was incorrect.
      • The effect of the action remains unchanged.
    • When the log filter settings in the Character Setup menu were changed with the controller, the controller sometimes did not respond correctly.
    • When the key assignment was changed with the joystick, it was sometimes not possible to go back when choosing the key.

Other miscellaneous issues have also been fixed.

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