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Today's update 2.35 brought us some new things when it comes to tribal quests, chocobos, hunting, and more!


The Ixali tribal quests

  • Addition of a hamlet in the northern forest (24,22): Ehcatl test center

  • Added story quests

Daily quests become available after the main story quest below has been completed.

  • Adding daily quests, there are two kinds of daily quests: ordinary and delivery. It is possible to launch three regular quests and one delivery quest per day.
  • Regular quests are quests where you have to bring back specific items. For delivery quests, as the name suggests, you need to deliver items.
  • New point when you accept a delivery quest, it will be counted whether you complete it or abandon it. You won't be able to pick up a new Delivery Quest until the next day.
  • New quests for Allied Tribes have been added. You must have completed the quests of all reputations to have access to these new quests.


Treasure hunt

  • The chest indicated by the Secret Leather Treasure Map now contains Crystal Aggregates (instead of Shards before).


Great company

  •  We can return new items in Supply: Primordial Weapons (brutal mode, item levels 60, 70, 75 and 80), Ancient Daedalus Armor (item level 80), FATE related gear against Behemoth or Odin (item level 50), PvP gear (item level 70 and 90), Job armor obtained for Mythological Allagan tomestones (item level 90) and we can also sell them to merchants.



  • A member with a single room or having his chocobo boarding at the stable can be excluded from a free company. If he had a room, he will then have 35 days to collect his furniture from the NPC housing officer who is in the housing sector. The chocobo removed from the stable can be retrieved by contacting the "housing enthusiast" NPC.

  • New seeds are cultivable and the appearance of pet plants has changed.
  • When you give new fruits to your chocobo, it is possible that it will change colors during its moult. Attention, the moult takes place in 6 hours, the chocobo must not leave the stable for the effect to occur.
  • You can rename your chocobo.
  • Whenever the maximum Companion Rank increases, a ★ symbol is added next to "Rank" in the Companion window.
  • Companion rank is now displayed in yellow when training no longer affects them.



  • Now, a confirmation window is displayed when a player leaves a free company or excludes another.
  • "Meteorologist" NPCs have been added.
  • Limsa Lominsa - L'Entrepont (9,11)

  • New Gridania (10,11)


  • Ul'dah - Faubourg de Nald (8,9)

  • Coerthas - Dragon Head Camp (26,16)

  • Mor Dhona - Death Knell (21,8)



  • The rewards linked to hunting contracts have been adjusted for the former: it is 4 instead of 1 and 10 instead of 2 for the second category. Elite contracts have gone from 20 to 50 brands.
  • Rank B targets now respawn 5 seconds after being defeated, somewhere in the same area. They can be defeated solo, their HP has been reduced.
  • The effect of mirages is now displayed in the Wolf's Den and during Frontline battles.
  • It is now possible to access Crystal Tower raids (Ancient Daedalus and Syrcus Tower) by having formed an alliance (3 full teams of 8 players). To form an alliance, you must have a full team and then target the leader of another complete team and a new sub-menu appears.



  •  The recipe for the magic broom has changed as well as the number obtained: it has gone from 20 to 30 and no longer requires a genet. However, you can also buy it for 20 gil from the merchant in your house.
  • The dungeon symbiosis is over. Indeed, a new system: equipment whose object level is very far from that of the instance or of the monsters in the open zone see their symbiosis rate rise more difficult. Conversely, the symbiosis of those who correspond to the surrounding level will be done more easily. From a certain level difference, the symbiosis rate of equipment no longer increases.
  • New objects can be dyed.
  • Two new emotes have been added: Caress (/ caress, / caress, / stroke) and Give (/ give, / give, / handover)


Resolved issues

  • The Mirage Prism Rank listed for Large Company Equipment obtained against Allied Badges (item level 70) was incorrect.
  • In the Heliodroma of the Allagan Frontier Ruins (Front), a specific location allowed attacking without suffering enemy attacks.
  • The Improved Speed ​​trait of the Lightning Speed ​​III effect of the PvP action Falling Kick was not activating normally.
  • The actions used by the boss of Meanders of Bahamut IV (Sadistic) sometimes did not trigger correctly under certain conditions.
  • The enmity list sometimes did not display correctly when fighting one of the Crystal Tower bosses - Ancient Daedalus.
  • Under certain conditions, a deleted character could be named Linkshell Leader / Free Company Master.
  • It happened under certain conditions that the crystals, which could not be bought, were put on sale in the market.
  • It happened that a single room furnished under certain conditions is not destroyed automatically when the character who owns it is deleted.
  • A cutscene from the seasonal quest "Aberrant Abomination" was sometimes not playing correctly.
  • Under certain conditions, if all crew members were revived after being knocked out some of them might not benefit from the Shield effect.
  • There were times when the reputation with friendly barbarian tribes was not displayed correctly.
  • Under certain conditions, the interval between two FTAs ​​may be longer than expected.


Known issues

  • The error message that appears when using an additional action while under the effect of the Ixali Tribe bonuses "Installation: Specialty" and "Installation: Specialty II" is incorrect.
  • The message when upgrading a servant from level 49 to 50 through an "Improvised Task" is incorrect.

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