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Update 2.4 is finally available. If you have time, you can take a moment to read the patch note in full! I offer you a summary and the highlights of what awaits you.


  • Following epic : meet at Refuge des Roches.
  • Continuation of the quests "Chronicles of a new era": go to Refuge des Sables
  • Continuation of the quests "The Gentleman Detective".
  • Continuation of the quests featuring the Postal Mogs.
  • Other side quests have been added.
  • Quests for new dungeons: The Buried Temple of Qarn (Brutal), Sastasha (Brutal) - Snow Mantle
  • A new series of raids titled "The Abyss of Bahamut" has been added.


New Class

  • Superineur Quests : meet in Limsa Lominsa (8, 16)
  • Ninja quests: meet at L'Entrepont, Limsa Lominsa (8, 16) Jacke after climbing Surineur to level 30.



  • Addition of poetic Allagan tomestones
  • Definitive suppression of Allagan tomestones of mythology
  • Death Knell NPC Auriana (Mor Dhona) now converts mythological Allagan tomestones to martial Allagan tomestones
  • Modification of the rewards for the Suppression of mythological Allagan tomestones Compensation in martial memorabilia: for tribal quests and dungeon rewards.



  • Treasure hunt : New rewards have been added to Secret Leather Treasure Maps: Mimic Mistbeard Mask, Imperial Shadow Visor

  • Residential area :
    • Expansion of sectors from 31 to 60 locations
    • Possibility of making meals thanks to the addition of furniture
    • The personal chest is available as a piece of furniture
  • News hairstyles have been added.

  • News receipts synthesis have been added.
  • The chances of obtaining the âtma necessary to unlock the quest "The Chronicles of the Zodiac" have been increased.
  • Some items are now easier to obtain with Peisteskin Treasure Maps and Secret Leather Treasure Maps.
  • Level "50 ★★★★" (four stars) has been added to crafting recipes

  • New equipment for craftsmen and harvesters has been added.
  • The half materia that was obtained during the recycling of fishery products are now replaced by Allagan coins.
  • A "history" feature has been added to the Crafting Log, in a new category called "Activities".
  • Item level 90 armor and accessories are no longer available.
  • The position of icons displayed to indicate positive or negative status alterations can now be set.
  • The list of friends will be ordered according to these four criteria: number, oldest friends, most recent friends, name.
  • players who have chosen the option "Withdraw" or who did not respond within the allotted time 3 times in the same day can no longer register in the mission tool for a certain time. This count is reset daily at midnight Japanese time.
  • Again fish Legendaries have been added to 21 level 35-50 fishing points.
  • News frames et mascots have been added.
  • New titles and achievements have been added.
  • Additions and changes have been made to the tasks of servants.
  • New text commands have been added.
  • Ability to use "Thavnair's Onion" when our chocobo is summoned.
  • The level of collection to collect the: fragrant log (intact mature trees), umbrella rock, dark soil III (stone quarries intact). Noscean soil III (intact stone quarry). Thanalanese III compost (intact stone quarry). Has been lowered to 353.



  • The definitions of Strength and Dexterity attributes have been changed in the character profile.
  • Adjustments have been made to the following actions

  • The maximum PvP rank is now 45.
  • Item level 110 PvP gear has been added.

  • Transcendences have been adjusted as follows in PvP areas to balance player combat.
  • New dungeons : Snowstorm, The Buried Temple of Qarn on brutal mode, Sastasha on brutal mode.
  • Akh Afah (Shiva) Amphitheater in brutal and extreme version has been added.
  • The chance to drop the item "Magic Mirror of the Tides" during the "Tidal Breaker (Extreme)" challenge has been increased.
  • New PvP actions have been added
  • The dungeon The Dragon Pass  has been added

  • Chances of getting mounts in extreme modes have been increased
  • The item level required for some Mission Tool options has been changed.
  • Mission tool : Snow Mantle / Sastasha (Brutal) / The Buried Tempe of Qarn (Brutal) have been added.
  • For high level missions, player equipment will be synchronized to ilvl 110
  • Changes have been made to the mission tool window.
  • The Echo will be available for The Tree of Judgment (brutal) and The Tree of Judgment (extreme)


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