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I come back today with this little guide to detail how statistics and caps work in TESO. This is what your stats sheet looks like. Obviously the nickname (!), Class, race, numerical values, title and others may be different for you.

But what does the information given correspond to?

First of all the attributes with the big question: should everything be healthy?



Here is the official description of the Magic attribute.

This description is imprecise in every way, despite all the goodwill of the translation teams. The magic attribute has only one effect: it increases your maximum magic by 10 points for each point invested in the attribute. A fortiori, this increases the number of spells you can cast but why does it also increase their effectiveness? The answer is simple: the higher your maximum magic, the more damage your magic and ultimate damage spells (without distinction) will inflict.

Be careful, the increase in damage due to maximum magic is different for each spell used. Magic regeneration or magic recovery is not affected by the magic attribute. You may well invest points in it, but it will not earn you more magic recovered in fights.

To conclude:



Now here is the official description of the force. Do you see me coming? This description is misleading, if not imprecise.

But what is it really? The stamina attribute grants a maximum of 10 stamina points per attribute point invested. On the other hand, it does not increase the stat at all: weapon damage. But then what is it for?

  • The sprint Running costs around 5% of your max stamina per second, which is 20 seconds of max running if you don't factor in stamina regeneration.
  • The Stealth : Moving in stealth mode costs 1% maximum stamina per second.
  • The blocking : Block costs 15% of your maximum Stamina.
  • dodge : Dodge costs 35% of your maximum Stamina.
  • Basic attack (left click - even for sticks) : The damage of this attack depends on maximum stamina.
  • Physical spells (except Ultimate) : their damage depends on the vigor.

To conclude:



The health

Very surprisingly, this description is quite correct and exhaustive. Note just the fact that health increases the maximum health by 15 points per attribute point invested and that it does not increase regeneration.


The heads

What is a cap?

A cap is a more or less well-determined value from which certain points invested are no longer used. For example, a cap of 1000 means that if I place 2000 points then not all 1000 of them will be useful. We can also see it like this on a diagram:

The points invested in the hatched area correspond to the points not always useful.


How does it work in TESO?

In TESO, we have two different headings:

  • The Soft cap : if we invest points above this value, we lose 1 point in two from an efficiency point of view.
  • The Hard Cap : if we exceed such a value, we lose 2 points out of 3 from an efficiency point of view.

What can we conclude from this? Here is a diagram that easily explains how to react:


So much for today. I think it's already a lot to digest for now. I will come back during the holidays to continue on the choices to be made to use your attribute points well but also the choices to be made concerning the equipment (the stuff or gear in English) because I absolutely need it.

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