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It had been a few months since we had no candidates for a little Word in the Community! One of the CL Zantetsuken officers on Shiva contacted us this week to participate. Zaphira Yami therefore presents the CL of which he is an officer.


Hello, first of all would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello everyone, my name is Zaphira Yami, Zantestuken Guild officer of server Shiva and I will talk about our Free Company with Regulus Clamation the leader of our Guild. We are regular readers of your site and are MMO players with quite a few years of experience behind us.

Can you introduce your Guild?
Our Zantetsuken guild of the Shiva server created on January 2, 2014 is a bit special: far from hardcore groups, we favor the so-called family atmosphere between our members based on mutual aid. Most of us are no longer hardcore gamers. We had our WoW period in big so-called military guilds and we came to Final Fantasy XIV to change that. We want to progress fairly well but at our own pace and above all we want all our players to progress at the same time. The basis is still having fun after all.
We have a pretty special hierarchy, all of our Officers (Zaphira Yami, Zuh Glou, Evangelyne Yami, Nachka Anarazel and Cobalt Frost) and the GM (Regulus Clamation) get together and vote when it comes to making decisions. So far, it has gone well and I think it is even one of our strong points for the management of our Guild. Certainly, we have them ups and downs, but we are always there and still for a long time.
At the level of our advance we have fallen 5 of the 6 primordial extreme, we are actively harassing Ramuh at the moment! As for the Coils, we have spent 6 of the 9 currently offered and will start coil 7 when we have defeated Ramuh.

Where is your recruitment? What are you looking for ?
We have just re-opened our recruitment to refine our workforce for the start of the school year. We don't want a guild with 150 members who don't know each other. We have set a limit of 50 members which allows us to keep a family atmosphere without having clans and other problems. Currently, we are looking for a bit of everything, tanks, some healers but also a lot of DPS because at the moment that's what we lack the most.

Share your memories with us, what events have marked you (leaving the guild, error of a member which causes giggles for example or simply something at stake)?
There I could write lines and lines about it, so much has happened that I could write a book!
The first memory that comes to mind is the creation of the guild. Initially there were only 4 or 5 of us and we built everything from scratch. The second highlight is the purchase of our guild house, (La Coupe sector 3 plot 19) we all saved with the little we had and I remember the joy and good humor on our mumble on the day of this purchase.

Then, regarding anecdotes in play, several also come to mind such as the error of our member Maceline Sky who plays a lot with the markings on the ground. During an extreme titan, the Q who was a bit offbeat literally made him jump into the void as the fight went wonderfully. I remember his sheepish look and the giggles we had that day.

Or during a fight against Gemelia who is the boss of coil 5: Zuh Glou who was in bard at the time there made a repulsive shot in the wall of flames which also made us laugh a lot.
Otherwise, a funny anecdote too, is that of our regular summoner Sakuya Hunter who has a Garuda-egi who loves to start the fight anytime and kill our whole group! We also have our little delusions off raid like visiting the houses of other CLs and dancing in the jacuzzis. Cobalt and I are the most active women in the guild and we have our little power of seduction that always works and makes everyone laugh.
In short, with us, we are not bored, we talk about everything without taboos and we laugh about everything and nothing! We have experienced a lot during these 7 months but the memory that will remain engraved is when we managed to form our first roster and we made our first downs. We were all so happy and excited that I could never forget those moments.

What is your opinion of the game? What do you prefer ?
The game is very beautiful, the characters and a good majority of the armor are really well done and well detailed.

Those who like the trades will be delighted because the trades are quite advanced and, to be at the top, we must ultimately have all the trades because they are linked for the crafts.
The game has a story that holds up, we are in a Final Fantasy after all and it feels good to find chocobos, mogs and this wonderful world that Square Enix has created. Square Enix regularly releases content and updates so we never get bored and can always have fun.

As far as PvE is concerned, we have challenges, difficulty but also something to play more quietly. We also have all the fun little things on the side that I personally love such as gardening, or even recently the color change of our chocobos but I must admit that I am impatiently awaiting the establishment of breeding! Regarding the gameplay, I find it quite similar to other MMOs but the little extra is the console versions which are very well suited. For a first year, Final Fantasy XIV has started very well for me and I think it will only develop.

And what do you dislike and / or miss?
At the moment, what I think is the most missing is the development of PvP in the game. Certainly the recent setting up of the Front has helped a lot but I think there is still a lot of work to be done. on that side. I also regret the lack of healer and tank classes. Granted, the game is only a year old but when I compare it to Final Fantasy XI the diversity was more marked even though I know it's still over 10 years old, I just hope the developers will make changes as the next updates come.

Other games in sight?
Being mostly former WoW, Aion or SWToR players, yes these three names come up a lot but right now most of us are enjoying Final Fantasy XIV a lot and I don't think we'll change anytime soon.

A word for the end?
Already a big thank you to your site for allowing us to discover our guild and I hope that the readers will be satisfied with what we have been able to write. If you feel like it, you can visit our site, our facebook page and if you want to join us or have any questions, do not hesitate to / tell Zaphira Yami. Thank you all and by lightning and sword Zantetsuken will win!

rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (period) com if you want to do the same. 

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