FFXIV - Primordials to 2.1

The Lodestone has published some information about Primordials in extreme mode and Good King Moggle Mog XII.


Extreme Primordials

A little history first: to invoke their deities, the tribes need a large amount of crystals who are absorbed by the summoned Primordial. This act weakens the Ether of Hydaelyn, benefiting all of Eorzea.
The primordials have already been fought several times, but now it is said that the latter have acquired extreme strength.

To face these primordial in extreme mode, you must first have completed the quest "A shattering return", that is, having beaten Titan in Brutal mode.

You will first need to start with Garuda, with the quest "A New Primal Storm" and start "The Galeblower's Fury". Some information :

  • You will need to be level 50, average level 65 gear is required.
  • A team of 8 players will be necessary.


Garuda defeated, you can measure yourself against Titan by starting the quest "The Rage of the Land Shaker".

  • You will need to be level 50, average level 67 gear is required.
  • A team of 8 players will be necessary.


Around d'Ifrit then, with the quest "The Inferno of the Lord of Flames".

  • You will need to be level 50, average level 70 gear is required.
  • A team of 8 players will be necessary.


The edge of brambles

Let us first dive into Eorzean folklore. It is said that the Mogs served the gods. But the latter started a war in their ranks and the king mog nicknamed "le bon roi Moggle Mog XII" decided it was time to leave the celestial world for the human world in order to protect his subjects.
This trip promised to be insurmountable for the mogs, their small wings not allowing to travel such a long way. After some thought, they decided to use a thread. Good King Mog held one end as these subjects borrowed it to glide over Eorzea. The King could not then join them.
Faced with this sacrifice, the mogs did not want to name a successor. Even today they hope that their king will join them.


To take part in the fight you will need to be level 50 and have completed the quest "The return of a king". You will need a team of 8 players, with average level 54 gear.

Regarding the rewards, here's a quick rundown of what to expect:


Get ready to take on new challenges! 

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