Hearthstone: Legendary Priest and 2 new cards

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This expansion announced the sprawling monster, we expected the second creature worthy of C'thun (to pronounce K'thun because it comes from the monster Cthulhu of the call of Cthulhu a short story by Howard Lovecraft). It's done this Sunday with the legendary priest, the forbidden fate of the paladin and a neutral servant.

The cards


Battlecry: Summons a 1/1 copy of all your minions

For 6 a 5/5, decent stats for the Priest's Legendary without being amazing. Its battle cry can allow you to summon a 1/1 copy of all your creatures, so the death rattle can be thought of as Sylvanas, Cairne Bloodhoof but also to Ragnaros.

The concern of this card is that like all the cards of the priest it is very slow, the Priest is the class which spreads the least on the ground and another disadvantage it is a dead card if you have nothing interesting in the field.

Perhaps the emergence of a Death-rattle Priest will emerge with this card, but we have to wait for the rest of the expansion to get a real idea of ​​the card for now, in a climate that controls this card. may be good but clearly to do with the rest of the set.


Here is the forbidden spell of the Paladin, clearly the best of the 3 "forbidden" spells for the moment. One can imagine a control paladin running around with this card, moreover with the death ofhorrebam as standard this card has a real potential to make us come back in the game. Just playing a 5 or 6 turn and regaining 10 or 8 life points is huge and allows you to survive.

Clearly a very good card for the Paladin who inherits one of the best heals in the game.


We have for 4 a 2/3 clearly very bad statistics, his death rattle is close to the Spit-Vase but he did not provoke so for 4 it makes a 4/5 in all. Clearly a very bad card for the standard as for the free one can be that this card will be able to shine in arena.

So here is a legendary first class revealed, to note that 16 servants will revolve around C'thun (1 per class) and that the other gods of death will have powerful effects but no servant will revolve around them vigorously tomorrow for Blizzard's revelations on the expansion.

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