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In 2.8, the auction room has been improved:

  • improved search: search by statistics or check the option of immediate purchases if you don't like stocks.
  • preview of objects like in the shop
  • auction duration "short", "medium" and "long" replaced by the real duration "23h 51m"
  • recommended price
  • possible purchase of an individual item from a stack. This option can be deactivated by the seller.

Regulars in the auction room now have detailed statistics to know everything about the last transactions carried out and thus decide if the object is sold at a good price!

Un purchase order is a query on a specific object. To create a buy order, there are two options:

  • right click if the object is in the inventory
  • ctrl + shift + click on any object or the link of an object

You can then enter different information such as the number you want or the amount you agree to pay as well as the duration. A player may decide to respond to our call for tenders and the item will be sent directly to us!

The artisans will appreciate being able to review purchase orders and thus respond directly to a specific request. Checkboxes allow you to choose only the objects that you can craft, those for which you have the components, as well as those for which you have the object in the inventory. I could sell my leather!


If an auction fails, you no longer need to collect the item before returning to the auction house. Everything can be done directly from the mail!

Finally, a tax is now applied to sales and, depending on, a percentage is levied:

  • Short - 12 hours - 0.75%
  • Medium - 48 hours - 2%
  • Long - 168 hours (7 days) - 5%


A beautiful tool that will appeal to traders in Telara!

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