30 Half-Minute Hero - Preview

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From his full name 30 Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. And I guarantee that by the time you say the name, you can finish the game.



The concept is simple, you have 30 seconds to save the world. It's short ! Very short but sufficient. This PC game is an adaptation of a first PSP version. Although this is a PC game, the controller is required.

As you will understand, you have 30 seconds to kill the evil lord! Single player mode will take you through 30 30-second missions.

The mission selection screen.

Knowing that you have the option to reset the timer for a few gold coins, luckily the goddess of time is with us. You walk on a world map where the fights are triggered randomly. However, you have the possibility (if you are fast enough) to think outside the box to go, for example, in mines and recover chests.

The passage in the city is also very important. You will find a merchant there to recover life (knowing that you can only carry one item), one for equipment and most often a statue of the goddess of time to reset the timer to 0.

 Game modes

You have several game modes.

  • Le Hero 30 : which is close to the first episode of Ys so with a very pleasant old school RPG side. You can walk around the world map, but be careful not to be too touristy. The stopwatch continues even during dialogues.

The scenario fits more or less on one page

  • Le Evil Lord 30 : on the same principle of 30 seconds, this mode abandons the RPG side to switch to strategy mode.
  • The Princess 30 : we change the game mode again! We go into Shoot'em Up mode with a repeating crossbow and a princess who knows how to defend herself.
  • Le Hero 300 : we go back to classic RPG mode, this time with 300 seconds. But no resetting possibility this time.
  • Le Hero 3 : if you thought that 30 seconds was too much. Now we go to 3 seconds. Suffice to say that the speedrun is required.

The game also has a multiplayer mode. You have the choice between 10 cards and the possibility of playing at 4. And here, no quarter, the object of the game being to finish first among the heroes. Unfortunately, we can't choose who we're going to play with, it's totally random and ..... quite unstable. I hope it will be fixed quickly because it is really the only negative point of the game.

A Speedrunner victory!

Music & Retro

The music is very pleasant, it perfectly supports the fast pace of the game. The sound effects are correct without being transcendent. Also note that for fans of retro gaming, it is possible, via the options, to activate retro mode.

In full screen it hurts the eyes a bit anyway.

And the retro mode isn't just confined to the title screen, but also to the game.

To sum up, this is a very enjoyable, fast and enjoyable game. An almost infinite replayability and a lot of variations in the game modes. All this in an innovative concept and above all never seen. If you want to save the world a multitude of times between coffee breaks, this is the game for you! It is currently € 2.49 on Steam.

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