FFXIV - Report of the XIIIth Live Letter

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Martí Micolau


Author and references

As expected, the Live Letter took place this morning, live from the Sapporo event. Before starting, I would like to thank Rein who provided the live translation on a Google document. Not speaking Japanese, it allowed me to write this report. Answers are also taken from the translation of the questions and answers performed by Elmoria on the official forums.

A little before the hour, a pre-event took place in the company of Kazutoyo Maehiro (Main Scenario Writer) and Soken. I was not there yet (I was told 10:30 am). Too bad because they gave an overview of the event, with the game locations, meeting ... and Kazutoyo Maehiro even played! They answered a few questions:

  • there is still one nation to explore on Eorzea and afterwards they will be interested in Ala Mihgo.
  • going from history 1.0 to 2.0 was not that complicated. There are many other little details of Eorzea that are much more difficult to deal with.
  • Minfilia is 25-26 years old. Momodi is older.
  • Soken appelle Yoshida Naoki-san
  • Kazutoyo Maehiro is quite happy with the implementation of his scenarios even if he thinks of other possibilities when he looks at the older ones. There are sometimes a few details changed, especially in the dialogue, but nothing too bad.
  • The deadlines are always very tight. 3 days before the soundtrack was finalized, they re-recorded Leviathan's track with a male voice.

The live stream itself began with the 2.2 trailer.

In attendance are Yoshida (who arrived barely 1 hour before the start of the event since he had traveled to GDC in the US) and Murouchi from the community team.

In the second part, Kazutoyo Maehiro joined them.

You will definitely want to see its superb presentation! A game he took 10 days to make.


The Mirage,

  • there is no restriction of classes or jobs. As long as you can equip it, you can use it, even seasonal events.
  • an icon shows the objects that have received a change in appearance, allowing them to be identified.
  • it is possible to save them in the outfits.
  • it is not possible to equip high-level equipment on low-level equipment. The reverse is possible (low-level on high-level).

This is the new ilvl90 equipment. It is possible to use tinctures. You can see the list of objects that can be used to change the appearance. All it takes is a source object (which we will take on the appearance), a target object (which we will overwrite) and a catalyst (Mirage prisms), an object to be created by the craftsmen. . We apply it and we can then change the appearance of our equipment. If you want to cancel, you have to use a Mirage Heatsink. It is possible to reapply a mirage (you do not need to remove it first).

For pieces of gear incorporating hood and dress, it is possible to use it on a single piece, but it will only change the body (or only the head). It will also be possible to change weapons.


Servants Adventure

The demo servant is called Producer!

Joking aside, we will already have to unlock our first servant, then there is a quest to unlock the adventures for the servants. You then have to choose the class of your servant: sorcerer, fighter or harvester. He will get different items depending on his class. You have to choose carefully because you will not be able to change the new class before having climbed to the maximum level in the first class chosen. Rest assured though, it doesn't take too long to go up.

He will have to pay his servant: he needs to eat and live. They do not need gils but "chip" which is obtained by completing daily quests or Great Company quests. At the beginning, we won't have much but it will come by going up levels (with more accessible areas).

We can also see the time that the servant will take before returning after his adventure is over. It is recorded on the client side (so there may be differences if we change the console, but only on display).

  • it is possible to trade with his servant even if he is on a mission. It's weird but it's more practical.
  • it is possible to cancel an adventure but you lose the payment.
  • the level of the servant will not exceed the level of the character's class (it will go up to 50 if I am 50 on the current class).
  • there will be items specific to these adventures.
  • it will be possible to hire servants on optional service (2), increasing the total to 4. It will cost 200 yen (1.40 €) per month.



To be able to garden, you need seeds and a farm, so a house. Depending on the size of the farm purchased, a different number of seeds can be planted. You will need to maintain your plants by watering them and giving them fertilizer. The system is different from FFXI, it won't dry out very quickly, so you don't have to worry. The items collected depend on the seeds planted. It is possible to obtain the same seed, and therefore to replant it. Sometimes the blueprints will merge, possibly creating rare items and seeds. Do not hesitate to test different combinations of seeds.

There will be farm specific items. Some items can be sold to other players: there will be demand.

  • there are 3 sizes: small, medium and large
  • it will not take up too much space, it will be possible to place it on a size S field
  • if we have a small house, we can place more farms
  • it will take 3-5 days to grow
  • this will be for Free Companies so there will be additional privileges to define who can plant and pick up items: everyone or specific players


Equipment 2.2

Some information has been given on the level of equipment in 2.2:

  • highest weapons: 115 / highest armor: 110.
  • there will be 90-95-100-110-115 equipment, to ensure a smooth transition.
  • it will be possible to improve the relics.
  • there are the zodiac weapons, this will start in 2.2 but it will continue to be improved beyond that.
  • the iLvl for new memos and the second round of the Labyrinth of Bahamut will be different. In 2.0 it was similar and it affected the motivation of some players.
  • Leviathan and the Good King Moogle Mog can be completed on Extreme Mode in level 90 gear.
  • Moggle in extreme mode is very hard, DPS will have to work as a team
  • they do not plan to change the item level when crimping multiple materia but are working on a different materia system.
  • it will be possible to exchange old Mémoquartz (philosophaux) for new (mythological) ones.

Currently, in the Bahamut Maze, you defeat a monster and obtain a specific item. It is also possible to obtain memoquartz and obtain upgradeable weapons. It takes time but there are no restrictions. There are things to do, but you choose the statistics you want.

The equipment created will not increase, but there will be a new one. They will be adding other main tools and head gear as well as new recipes for which these items will be required.

Players starting the game with the PS4 will finish the main quest and go directly to WP and AK where they will collect equipment allowing them to travel to DL. For the secondary jobs, they will get the DL equipment while earning memos. It will also be possible to obtain items from treasure hunts and large companies. It will also be possible to purchase equipment created by players.



This upgrade will be implemented in phases and will increase health, damage dealt, and healing power. The effect will vary depending on the content.

The Crater of the embers (difficult), Hurloeil (difficult) The Navel (difficult), The edge of the brambles (difficult), The chimera dhorme du Coerthas, The hydra of Halatali

  • Details: Status is activated if all team members die during the first 3 minutes of the fight.
  • HP, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 10% in stages and there are 5 phases in total (maximum 50%)

The scourge of Ultima, Le Cratère des tisons (extreme), Hurloeil (extreme) La Navel (extreme)

  • Details: Status is activated if all team members die during the first 3 minutes of the fight.
  • HP, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 5% in stages and there are 5 phases in total (maximum 25%)

The Labyrinthe de Bahamut

After the release of patch 2.2, you will be able to enter the dungeon via the Mission Tool (full squad only). The weekly restriction will be removed. The effects of "High voltage" have been reduced (stages 1 and 2). In addition, you will be able to remove Paralysis with “Heal”. An item level restriction will be implemented for each Floor of the Labyrinth.

  • At Release 2.2: None
  • 2 weeks after release:
    • The effect will be automatically activated upon entering the instance.
    • Health, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 10%
  • 4 weeks after release
    • The effect will be automatically activated upon entering the instance.
    • Health, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 15%
  • 6 weeks after release
    • The effect will be automatically activated upon entering the instance.
    • Health, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 20%
  • 8 weeks after release
    • The effect will be automatically activated upon entering the instance.
    • Health, damage dealt and healing power are increased by 30%
  • Beyond 8 weeks
    • They will advise but think 30% is a good maximum value



There will be some minor tweaks for PvP:

  • the highest ranked will no longer be able to meet the lowest ranked

They are planning tweaks for 2.25, planning to increase equipment up to rank 40.

They are going to put together a whole animal set. They also continue to advance on the front lines, certainly for 2.3. Something more open. They are always working on the details, especially the rules.



There will be a new tank mount in 2.3: a bear! The lack of tank is something difficult to deal with, they have already increased the role bonus x7 to encourage players to play tank during the leveling phase. They want to reward those who persevere, the warriors and paladins.

Mounts were also shown, tribal quests. Here is that of the Kobolds (Bombo mount):

And Sahuagins:

The Fat Chocobo is hungry!




Tribal quests

I put the tribal quest mounts right on top! They have plans for the current tribal quests. In patch 2.3, they will add the Ixal tribe and then, following player feedback, they will advise. We will have a small bonus by being known to all the tribes.


Hildibrand, gentleman detective

They showed different dances related to emotes that will be added, including 1 in 2.2 related to Hildibrand, a priori as a reward for quests. They work a lot on this content, they want to do something fun. He doesn't have a voice yet because it takes a long time to create and they are still tweaking the details of the script. If they add one, that will be the ultimate end.

It is possible that they implement the pose of Hildibrand (which really defines his personality) as well as his outfit or a mascot.

  • the fight against Gilgamesh has been designed so that everyone can enjoy it and have fun, so it won't be that hard.
  • the music for the fight against Gilgamesh will be “Clash on the Big Bridge”.
  • Gilgamesh may return later, depending on how this first time works.
  • New content for these quests is planned for updates 2.2 and 2.3. They plan to continue these quests throughout the numbered 2.X updates.


Residential neighborhoods

  • there are going to be changes to the housing in order to minimize the server resources required. Once these optimizations are carried out, they will be able to talk about personal housing.
  • They do not plan to increase the number of furniture in the houses: it would increase the server load and push back personal houses.


Some questions to Kazutoyo Maehiro

Which authors or creators inspired you the most during the development of the screenplay?
I love to read, so I am influenced by many authors. If I had to pick just one, it would be Yasumi Matsuno.

Are any new voices going to be added for quests and storyline in the future?
We've added new characters and voices for Update 2.2. We hope you like them!

Some NPCs such as Miounne, Momodi or Baderon are more erased in the second part of the scenario. Are there any plans to review them with new content?
They are sometimes involved in big events and will continue to appear from time to time.

Are there any plans to add a library to learn more about history and traditions?
We have received many requests from the community on this subject. Although we have received suggestions from the team in charge of this, it has been delayed so that we can focus on releasing the updates. There are a lot of things that are not explained in Eorzea and it would be interesting to watch and move forward on that. Rather than a library, I would rather see a personal journal dedicated to history. There are stories even about guns!

Are you going to implement scenario elements to better explain the events that occurred in the 5 years following the Seventh Umbrella Era.
We have received many inquiries about this and plan to respond to them as we go. On the other hand, if we only took out certain portions of the quests, it would be difficult to keep track of the information. That's why we prefer to add this as a major part of the main storyline.

Could you provide us some information on the theme of the expansion kit?
I can't give you too many details right now, but one of the themes could be “a thousand years war”.

Will we one day be able to visit the city of Sharlayan?
I'm just going to tell you that I was recently in a meeting with the art team, and one of the documents was titled “Sharlayan”!

Will Edda come back?
Yes, she will return during the new quests planned for Update 2.3.

As the main story writer, is there one cutscene that you enjoy more than another?
In Update 2.2, there is a cinematic scene where a certain character walks around in order to restore their reputation. I personally really liked this scene. For 2.0, I like the fight between Yda and Livia.

Will any of the NPCs introduced in version 1.0 make a return in A Realm Reborn?
We don't have any particular characters in mind but if it is beneficial to the story, we will include them.

Many names are from Ivalice, such as Dalmasca, Belias and Zodiak. Is there a connection between Hydaelyn and Ivalice?
There is no connection between Ivalice and Hydaelyn just as there is no connection with Vana'diel. Each of its worlds is unique to itself. There are connections between the things that appear in the world and more will be revealed in the future.

When can we get to Ishgard?
The scenario will evolve in this direction during the update 2.2, and even more in the following ones. There are parts of the main storyline where you will be involved and you will understand a lot of things later on.

Will some quests allow us to use the power of echo to relive past events, such as the founding of the three city-states, the creation of free companies 1500 years ago, or the full cartography of Eorzea there? is 70 years old?
Right now, we're focusing on Eorzea for the current era, so we don't plan to add that at this time.



  • Fantasia's vial will be on sale soon. They are working on the servers now. They will move quickly on this point.
  • the UI team is working on the PS4 version for high resolution. Once this is done they will work on the add-ons.
  • it will be possible to participate in the Crystal Tower with an alliance preformed in 2.3.
  • it's difficult to provide a roadmap as they are working a bit on a day-to-day basis for the PS4 version. Once it's calmer, they'll see to keep us updated on our development plans and status via a to-do list.
  • Right now the plan is to have 3 major functions with the Gold Saucer!
  • it should be possible to register for the Mission Tool when your companion is summoned in 2.3 but there are unexpected issues.



  • Theathythm will be released on April 24



  • A seasonal event will have us hunt for eggs from April 9 to April 22

  • they will be at Nico-chou 3 on April 26 and 27


  • PS2 beta phase 3 is scheduled for April 4-7. The release is scheduled for April 14.

  • the soundtrack will be released on March 26, with 119 tracks. It will take a Blu-ray to play it (you needed a Blu-ray to contain it all). There will be a few events in Japan on the occasion of this release.

  •  Eorzea World Report Patch 2.1 is almost out.

  • authenticator users will get free teleports.

  • new appearances for prepaid cards are already on sale.

  • veteran awards are known. We will be able to have the 4 objects for 360 days of subscription.

  • the 2.2 patch notes are online. It is only partial, it is still missing a lot of elements but it allows to have a first glimpse.

  • the next event in Japan will be in Nagoya at the end of May.



Here ! You know everything about what was said during this live which lasted more than two hours!

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