SWTOR - Dread Fortress: Grob'thok

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And we pass without further delay to the 3rd boss from the Dread Fortress:  Grob'thok

Hard Mode: 3 health

Important points

Here are the different techniques of the boss in detail:

  • Roar: He places a flap area on the person having the boss's attention. This lasts 3.5 seconds and freezes to the ground at 2 seconds, so you can avoid damage if you decide to move while casting.
  • Air shock: it hits the ground at the start of the fight and then each time the crane is used. This attack interrupts your incantations.
  • Pipe Shock: Pulls out a pipe and hits the ground in a loop until it is controlled by the crane. This attack interrupts your incantations.
  • Minor Droid: This places a debuff on a random player in your group who will have to place 10 fire zones on the ground for 10 seconds of debuff. Every person, friend or foe, passing through these areas will have their armor reduced.

Course of the fight

This fight is quite long and boring for the whole group because you have very little to do to kill the boss. Here are the 3 rules to follow:

  • Place your group in the middle of the room (white area) in order to have the boss within reach at all times. The person targeted by the minor droid must move away from the group.
  • Position the boss so that the crane is on top when he takes out his pipe. To do this, refer to the map below. From the first crane control, alternate zone 2 and 3 in a loop until the end of the fight.
  • Have enemies run into areas of fire so they have armor reduction. The tank will be able to kill them on its own.


This is arguably the easiest boss in the operation with free loot after the second boss difficulty. However, follow this guide otherwise you will see the boss's rage sooner than expected. If you run out of time at the end, take advantage of the crane to control the boss at around 5/10%, this will save you a few seconds on the rage.



  • Legs / Glove 78 type Token
  • 1 random coin out of set 78
  • 2 exotic element equalizers
  • 1 generator mass manipulation
  • 6 ultimate distinctions
  • 8 elite distinctions



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