FFXIV - Return # 17: Mission Tool, Blacklist

Definitely, the dev team is very talkative at the moment!


Mission tool and team finder

The team is aware that the wait while using the mission tool can be long, very long ... They will see what the causes are and if they can decrease this wait. Update 2.18 will welcome a refresh button for the Team Finder window.



The mount team is delighted to receive our feedback and suggestions on this matter. They also specify that it is not currently planned to implement a mount that would fly higher than the Ahriman.


The clothes worn by some NPCs make you want! There are no plans to make them available at this time, but new gear will be added with each update (such as the arctic outfit added recently).


Feedback has suggested that a report be sent automatically when adding a character to the blacklist or that the Alt + R (i.e. Reply) function disappears after blacklisting the player.
The team takes note of these suggestions but did not provide further details.


A new decorative object has been suggested: ready-made meals to be placed on the tables. The team is investigating the possibility of implementing such a decoration and will give us more details as soon as possible.

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