The Sims 4 - 6 Things To Try As A Detective

In the new Sims 4 expansion, one of the new jobs is that of Detective. Here are some tips to try to have fun while working!

Find hidden clues at a crime scene

When you go to investigate a crime scene you have obvious clues that you can see all over the place like burnt or damaged items, graffiti or stolen items. However, at times certain clues are hidden. You must then use your Sim's talents to continue your investigation. To search for hidden objects, click on the ground, then you can see the "Search for clues" interaction displayed. Once activated, a kind of ray will appear around your Sim and you will be able to see certain objects appear. Take the opportunity to take a picture of them and collect them for analysis at the police station.


Obtain "Observer" reward trait to be even more proficient

During your investigations, to find a suspect, you gradually discover clues about the Sim in question. Among these clues is his character as "lonely" or "ambitious". Certainly, you can uncover these clues by chatting with the different Sims. However you can speed things up by purchasing the "Observer" trait. Unlocking this trait with satisfaction points allows your Sim to automatically identify the character traits of any Sims they meet. You can thus directly obtain these clues! What better way to become the new Sherlock Holmes ?!


Get friendly encouragement from your boss

When you are at the police station, you can go to the chief's office to chat with him and get his impressions of your work. However, don't always expect to get compliments! Indeed, the chef can sometimes be very complimentary or sometimes put you back in your place!

Search your suspect to see what he's hiding

When you've finished an investigation, issue a wanted poster and find your suspect, take them to the police station so you can question them and maybe get a confession. However, before questioning him, be sure to search him to see if he is hiding evidence that you could use against him or dangerous objects that could be fatal to you.


Place a one-way mirror in your home or store

When you go up the detective career, you unlock an item that can be very useful: the one-way mirror which is a window on one side and a mirror on the other. Who has never seen these famous large mirrors in detective series on television? Once unlocked, have fun placing it in your house or business, it's always useful to spy on those friends or enemies!


Use the "nice cop / bad cop" technique during an interrogation

When you arrest a suspect, you can question them at the police station. It's up to you to choose how you want to make your suspect confess, either by playing the nice policeman, or by playing the bad guys like in the movies! I speak knowingly: the interaction of spiders works very well!


Now all that remains is to climb the ranks to become the Chief of Police!

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