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Sastasha is the first dungeon you'll be able to explore. It is accessible at level 15 throughout your epic.

It is not very difficult and allows you to take good control of the game in a group. I will explain here the few things to know.

Several objectives are to be achieved which are revealed as you progress.


At the start of the dungeon you come to a branch. On one side a room, on the other the corridor which leads to the adventure. Before rushing headlong, go for a walk in the room and examine the object on the ground. On this piece of paper will be written a sentence. Memorize the color mentioned.

Come on, let's move forward a bit ...

You land in a larger room where large clams are accompanied by sparks. Immediately to your right is a chest, it would be nerd to miss a few gils!
Fighting clams is not complicated. The tank charges at the giant crustacean first with DPS while the other parties with sparks. They have little health, area effects are welcome here.
Arrived at the door, you will notice that there are corals colored around. To know which one to activate, remember the color you read at the start of the dungeon.
With the mechanism activated, a hidden switch will appear to the left of the door. Use it and a new enemy arrives.
This first boss is not complicated, just avoid its damage zone. This last dead, a chest will appear and you can open the door.

And we are still moving forward ...

You will arrive at the second boss of Sastasha: the Captain Madison. He is accompanied by two other enemies. I advise you to mark them in order to kill them in order: one of the two weakest enemies, then the next and finally the Captain. You can use Sleep on looters but not on Madison. The latter is only sensitive to spells of hindrance, repulsion. When Captain Madison's life is well underway, he will flee. A chest will appear and you can continue your progress.

You arrive in a large room giving access to a multitude of others. Chests are hidden in some, see the compass on the screenshots:

West Room Chest

The second chest is located in the room to the east. It is full of looters but when you enter it they will start brawling with each other. The perfect opportunity to recover the loot without being worried by these andouilles.


You also have another chest in the second room to the east. You will have to seize the clef right next to the door to be able to access it.

Let's go back to the progression now that you've gleefully looted ... the raiders. In the southern part of the great hall, groups of enemies must be killed. They will drop keys allowing you to open the door to the Captain's cabin. The enemy inside that you must kill, will in turn drop a key to open the backpackers gate.

Captain's Cabin


Passed this door and a few enemies, you will once again face the Captain Madison.



This time the fugitive will call watch dogs in the middle of a fight to eat you alive. Pay close attention to your healer at this time, it seems he tastes good. Just like the first fight, Madison will take the loose. New chest to open and ... we continue, you guessed it.

Make your way to the last room. Go along the left while fighting the looters who annoy you.


You will arrive in combat and the final objective: to bring down Because dent d'orque.

This confrontation requires a bit of strategy. Take a look at the following image: suspicious ripples play an important role. During the fight, a message will be displayed in the chat area, informing you that bubbles are escaping. You will have to quickly run towards the Ripples and interact with them to prevent the hatches from opening. If you don't, an enemy will come out.

The best is therefore to place the tank with Denn in the middle of the room. Thus, the healer can stay on one of the waves, it will make one less to close for DPS. That's the only thing to pay attention to during this fight.

Do not hesitate to use the Transcendence by a DPS when the enemy does not have much health left.



Non-exhaustive list of loot:

  • Weapons and secondary hand
    • Hast Ethereal iron
    • Short Ethereal Ash Bow
    • Targe of riser
    • Ethereal Brass Dagger
    • Ethereal Stiff Leather Grimoire
  • Fighters
    • Looted moccasins
    • Ethereal Cotton Tabard
    • Assailant Gloves
    • Assailant Boots
  • Magi
    • Acolyte robe
  • GLA - MRD - PLD - GUE
    • Looted celata
    • Ethereal Reinforced Pants
    • Plundered Plate Belt
    • Plundered Gauntlets
  • All classes
    • Ethereal brass curb chains

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