FFXIV - Secrets of the dye

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Among the most frequent questions, obtaining the right to dye your equipment was often asked. You just need to complete a simple quest to be able to dye the equipment that allows it.


Secrets of dyeing

  • Required level : 15
  • City, Country: Thanalan Occidental, Vespers Bay

Before leaving for Vespers Bay, I advise you to buy a bottle of orange juice, you will need it. This item is sold by NPC Cooks.

When you arrive at your destination, contact the NPC Surprise. The latter will lecture you: damn it being an adventurer doesn't mean you have to be frumpy. Where was your head when you outfitted these second-hand clothes, what the hell?

He'll teach you how to dye your gear in exchange for orange juice. It is true that Thanalan is a region where thirst comes quickly.


Now you can dye your gear and as a bonus, Surprise offers you tinctures:

  • 3 jars of floral rose dye
  • 3 jars of ivory dye
  • 3 jars of ice blue dye


To do this, simply right-click on the equipment to be dyed or directly on the desired dye. A new window will open. You will see the items available to be dyed. Select it, then the desired color, and voila!


A few small details:

  • We will be able to have a preview of the dye (expected for the game's release normally).
  • You can remove a dye from equipment using the Turpentine item. It can be bought from the NPCs who sell the dyes.
  • Some pieces of equipment cannot be dyed.


Because an adventurer can also be a fashion victim ... But just a little!

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