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You have seen in one of the previous articles what you had to do to crimp a materia but also know how to get one. You have arrived at the relic quest and have paid dearly for your 2 materia to crimp it. here are some Tricks to avoid having to pay a high price at the auction house.

Let's go back to the basics first. To obtain a materia you must destroy equipment with which you are 100% in harmony. There are three solutions for this:

  • carry out harvesting actions (fishing, botanist, mining),
  • make objects,
  • kill monsters / Perform dungeons.

These three solutions each have their weakness / disadvantage. For decrease the time of symbiosis, it is good to have the version of the equipment in High-Quality as well as set with a material. Therefore, the last solution gives about an average time of 45min for a complete symbiosis (without company bonuses or objects increasing the symbiosis). Also remember to take out your chocobo if you do this technique.

But the main question is: what to destroy to get the material you want?

There are four equipment families in Final Fantasy: ARR:

  • Harvest
  • craft
  • Physical
  • Magic


For example, if you want a Dexterity Materia, you will need to destroy a piece of equipment that has the Dexterity stat on it.

As said before, if you want to increase the speed of symbiosis there are some tricks like:

  • The Company Buff: Perfect Union
  • Symbiosis-increasing items: Survivor's Rings


Here are two examples which I use to cover the majority of the materia necessary for disciples of war and magic:

  • Disciple of War
  • Disciple of Magic 


Good luck with your symbiosis!

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