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La team search function is implemented in update 2.1. The latter makes the search for team members much more accessible, quick and easy. You can, thanks to this new function, more easily search for players corresponding to your expectations (speed-run, discovery, farm).

The latter is accessible via the tab "Communication" from the main menu once the Sastasha mission is complete. People who have already completed this quest will have nothing to do.


Join a team

This tab is used to display all current recruitments. By selecting one of them, the search options and criteria appear in the lower part of the window.

When a mission is selected, you can choose to join the group, send a whisper to the person who created it, or return to the previous screen.


Find a team

It is possible, via this panel, to search for a specific mission as well as the criteria you want to find in it.


Recruit team members

This section allows you to create a mission and to settle the various criteria that you wish. Select an objective, (dungeon for example) if you want the players to have a minimum level of equipment to access it, the roles, a possible commentary and finally, the style of play as well as the languages.

This last point allows, for example, to allow new players to search for teammates who, like them, want to discover a dungeon and its cutscenes and conversely, also allows fans of speed-runs or group content farmers to find oneself more easily.

With this new tool, you will be able to forsake the Death Knell!

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