FFXIV - The Amphitheater of Akh Afah (Brutal)

Update 2.4 was marked by the implementation of the primordial Shiva. Once your epic quest is advanced, and Akk Afah Amphitheater (Brutal) unlocked, you face a new fight. I'll help you see things clearly so you can get past this boss and prepare for the extreme.

For as long as the war between the holy City and its Dravanian enemies lasts, there have always been Ishgardians who preferred to ally themselves with the dragons. Shiva would have been the first to make this choice, which is why heretics revere her as a saint. It is now clear that Iceheart and his people seek to summon him with the crystals they have stolen. But is it really in their power? If so, then Ishgard, and indeed all of Eorzea, are in great danger.

Phase 1

After the introduction begins the fight. The main tank must take the aggro of Shiva and turn her over so that she is facing him and the rest of the raid is behind his back. Position yourself in an arc around the central circle of the combat zone.

After a few seconds, Shiva adopt one of the two possible postures in the fight. In the video you can see that we start with the posture Icy staff, Shiva shout the words Frozen lands, transmit to me your thousand-year-old wisdom. Four players will then be targeted by an ice mark which will form a circle following them around them. During this named attack Hailstorm, they will have to move away from the group, each on their own, to be the only ones to take average damage that they cannot avoid.

Once this is done, return in an arc around the central circle. Shiva will follow up with a new attack, she screams Mighty stalactites. This is when four circles will appear around the combat area with another circle that will be in the center. This attack is called impact of stalactites. The goal is to get yourself in a safe area between the circles around the room like in the picture below to avoid taking damage.

Note that if you stay in a circle you suffer average damage and get the penalty increased vulnerability which increases the ice damage you take for one minute. This is effective on all circles present in the fight and which is also applicable for the extreme.

Then always come back in an arc around the central circle, Shiva spear the frozen illusion shouting O cold shard of ice, give me your strength which gives him bonus damage throughout the fight.

Note that she performs this spell throughout the fight, it can go up to 10 bonuses. However, if she isn't killed first, enrage mode kicks in and it's all over. This is also valid in extreme.

Shiva then changes posture to adopt on the video that of Icy Sword shouting O ice storm becomes my weapon and punishes these impertinent. She then inflicts the attack Ice sword which deals medium damage to the main tank.

Warning ! In brutal, this attack must be taken only by the main tank otherwise the players on the trajectory will be killed on the spot contrary to the extreme where during this same attack the tank must share the damage with the raid. Above all, do not confuse otherwise you will all die! I speak knowingly !

She then launches the Celestial Strike which deals low damage to the raid and can at times knock players back a few yards.

During this phase, she also casts Glacier collapse which inflicts heavy damage and the stun debuff for 4 seconds. This is why the tank must move away Shiva of the raid so as not to kill everyone.

To complete the Phase 1, Shiva summon four ice soldiers shouting O ice soldiers! Come and break my enemies!



Phase 2

When the four soldiers are there, the secondary tank must take their aggro and collect them so that the DPS will kill them as fast as possible. During this phase, Shiva return to posture Icy stick. It is necessary again that the members of the raid while killing the soldiers, position themselves for Downpour of hail. You have one minute to kill them if at the end of this phase there is one left and the whole group dies. Shiva calls out May the wind and the light freeze everything and bring peace to this world! EIt then freezes the entire raid for a period of 12 seconds.

She screams May the diamond dust shatter you! and free everyone by throwing Diamond dust which deals medium damage to the raid.


Phase 3

This last phase begins with the posture Icy Staff. She throws impact of stalactites which this time can have two effects, namely that of the Phase 1 either as on the video: different circles appear and explode in turn around the room and the last one appearing in the center. The goal is to make a round trip while staying in the center and going on the first which appeared after its explosion.

Note that this mechanism is somewhat reminiscent of that of the bombs on Titan for those who know his struggle. Be careful not to confuse once again with the extreme. Indeed, in the brutal, the last circle to appear is that of the center while in the extreme it is the first.

Once this is over, return to the center of the room. Shiva resumes the posture Icy sword. The main tank must take the attack on its own again Ice sword Celestial Strike et glacier collapse are still present: we must therefore act accordingly.

In this phase the attack Permafrost appears. Shiva freezes the arena floor screaming May the frost take you away. Your view is somewhat clouded by fog. It is important at this time not to move or you risk slipping and if you touch the walls of the arena, you are transformed into Ice pack: your teammates must then kill this prison to free you.

Note once again a similarity with the prisons of Titan. Despite the freezing in the room which forces them not to move, healers and ranged DPS can continue to charge their spells without being worried.

You suffer the penalties Ice et Gelure for 50 seconds which is not curable with healer spells.

The fight continues with impact of stalactites et Downpour of hail.

At the end of the fight, the Absolute zero appears. Shiva Launches a blizzard all over the arena that deals medium damage to the raid. The Permafrost » also comes back: remember not to move especially during this attack. After, nothing new, the attacks follow one another according to the posture of Shiva until you get to the end of the fight.


Congratulations: you have killed Shiva and you can go and finish your epic quest and to the extreme! Hope this guide has helped you! If you liked the music, I let you consult the lyric article available on the site.


I will end with a little trick that can also be used in extreme. During the fight, you can guess the posture that will take Shiva according to its movements. Indeed, when she passes in posture Ice Staff, Shiva turns on itself while when it passes into posture Icy Sword, it goes up in the air in a straight line.

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