FFXIV - The Bivouac of Brayflox (brutal)

Catastrophe! The Bivouac of your friend Brayflox is invaded by a horde of angry goblins! It's time for you to go back to the Bivouac, there are your friends to save (and some cheese too).

In order to unlock access to this brutal version, you will have to complete a small quest, "A well-kept recipe" in Mor Dhona near PNJ Bloezoeng. It will be necessary to have completed "The ultimate pass of arms" of the epic.
Finally, you should be at a minimum ilvl55 to be able to enter it.

Brayflox greets you at the entrance and you will have a hard time recognizing the place! Follow the path, beware of the bombardment of Gobtank n ° 6: AOEs will regularly appear on one of the group members.

The Master of the Hand soldier standing with the guardrail will drop a small key.


Continue on your way, being careful of enemies and patrols until you reach the first boss, the Commander of the Masters of the Hand.
This goblin loves to throw AOE in droves. The combat zone will be regularly squared and you will have to move very often. The more the fight progresses, the more space the grid will take.
Des Hand Masters Snipers will also join the party, your DPS to take care of it.

This first boss passed, you arrive at an area of ​​the camp that you will also have trouble recognizing! Here you will have to free three comrades from Brayflox. Advance while eliminating enemies: watch out for goblins Paratroopers of the Masters of the Hand that will jump on you.

You have a chest at the top of the tower :


The three comrades delivered, Brayflox will open a passage secret. Take it to find yourself in front of the second boss of the Bivouac: Gobarmure n ° 3.
This fight is not very difficult, you just have to pay attention to a few things:

  • parachute goblins will regularly come and tease you,
  • Gobarmor places blue AOEs on the ground: do not stay in them because when they disappear they explode. It stings a bit.
  • The boss will mark a target and after a short delay will rush on him. If you are targeted, be careful not to stay on the same line as one of your comrades.

When you've finished disassembling the armor, the way will be clear. Get it chest on your left and continue by eliminating the Goblins. The Gunner will give you a small key that will allow you to open a barricade further.

We come to a group of enemies. First take the Coeurl who patrols in order to avoid the surprise of aggro. Then attack the goblins. First kill the Infantryman because he will call for reinforcements, Gob-Becs, as long as he is alive.

All you have to do is cross the barricade and move forward to get to the last boss.

Gobtank n ° 6 is in a circular room. Your tank will place the boss back to the rest of the group. For this fight we will have to be reactive!

Gobtank will first follow a very specific cycle: goblins come to lend a hand and while you kill them, the boss will start to turn around the room. Stay well in the middle. Then he will stop to send you lots of bombs! Use your AOEs to deal damage to the bombs as fast as possible to repel them. Put them as much as possible on the edge of the arena so that the middle is secure.

When there are few VPs left in Gobtank, it will spawn a giant bomb. Don't hesitate to use Transcendence on it. Meanwhile, GobTank breaks! lightning escapes and the boss will roll in all directions. Be very mobile, rolling over it too much can kill you.


Non-exhaustive list of loot

  • All classes:
    • Clairobscure Choker of Fending
    • Clairobscur's Earrings of Maiming
    • Darklight Bracelet of Casting
    • Clairobscur Bracelet of Striking
  • ELM- MBL - ERU
    • Darklight Sash of Healing
    • Pilgrim's Shoes
    • Peregrine kits
  • OCC - ACN - MNO - INV:
    • Magician's Robe
    • Magician's hat
  • ARC - BRD :
    • Game Gloves
    • Game birds
  • HAS - DRG :
    • Solerets du Clairobscur
  • PGL - MOI:
    • Backpacker's scarf
  • Craft Materials:
    • Potash
    • Hardened sap
    • Bornite ore
    • Lead oxide
    • Tallow
    • Purified water
    • Quality cooking wine

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