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WildStar offers four vocations for you to adopt, which will offer you different tasks during your travels. I have chosen to present to you the vocation of Explorer, like an Indiana Jones in search of the treasures that Nexus conceals. Exploring every nook and cranny of the planet, mapping areas, conquering territories, that's what awaits me.

My first discovery of this vocation begins in the tutorial area, on the Dominion Arkship, where I receive a call from the Exploration Society, which I hasten to meet.

It was once in a combat simulator that my first exploration mission was given to me. All the exploration missions (and more generally vocations) are listed at the bottom right:

The minimap in the top right shows the location of the mission with an orange icon. By clicking on the mission, an arrow appears to indicate the direction to take.

You also have to be very observant, the objective being out of reach, you have to find a way to climb to the top. And for that, a small switch on the side, well hidden, will reveal platforms.

Thanks to these platforms, I can easily access my goal.

Vocations also have a progression system, which will increase levels and grant certain rewards. For example, by accessing a second level, I get the title "Scout". A little later, at level 4, I get the Safe Fall skill, which allows me to reduce fall damage. Handy for a daredevil like me.

Some goals will require real climbing skills.

One of the missions of the explorer is to facilitate the surveillance of Nexus, in particular by placing devices in strategic places. Once close to the goal, you can check its distance with an indicator:

Once the bar is full, you are at your destination and can press Place to place the surveillance camera.

You will also take part in treasure hunts, before, from a clue, go in search of sumptuous treasures.


The Explorer vocation will be perfect for you if you like to explore every corner of the map in search of Nexus' best hidden secrets.

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