FFXIV - The Fisherman

Fishing has mainly developed in Limsa Lominsa and around Vylbrand Island. Fishermen must take into account a lot of information such as the type of water, time, seasons, places to use the right equipment for the desired fish.

So Yoru, is the fishing good?


  • The fishermen's guild is located in Limsa Lominsa



  • Actions
  • Talents
  • Features
  • Lv. 1: Bait
  • Lv. 1: Fishing
  • Lv. 1: Shoeing
  • Nv.1 : Abandon
  • Lv.8: Furtivité
  • Lv. 22: Release
  • Lv. 25: Live Fishing
  • Lv.36: Casaquage
  • Lv.50: Collector's Glove
  • Nv.51 : Patience
  • Lv. 51: Powerful Shoeing
  • Lv. 54: Priming
  • Lv. 56: Precise Shoeing
  • Lv. 57: Fish Eyes
  • Nv.60 : Patience II
  • Lv. 15: Eye of the Seagull
  • Lv. 18: Improved Stealth
  • Lv. 28: Improved Stealth II
  • Lv. 35: Fisherman of the Sands
  • Lv. 35: Eye of the Seagull II
  • Lv. 38: Improved Stealth III
  • Lv.40: Improved Live Fishing
  • Lv. 42: Grace of Nymeia
  • Lv. 45: Cloud Fisherman
  • Lv.50: Eye of the Seagull III
  • Lv.50: Improved Stealth IV
  • Lv. 53: Fisherman of the Skies
  • Lv. 53: Improved Stealth V
  • Lv. 55: Eye of the Gull IV
  • Lv. 55: Fisherman of the Underworld
  • Lv. 56: Improved Stealth VI
  • Lv. 58: Aether Fisherman
  • Lv.60: Eye of the Gull V
  • Minor Lv. 1: Prospector
  • Minor Lv. 3: Geology
  • Minor Lv.6: Geology II
  • Minor Lv.20: Byregot's Grace
  • Minor Lv.20: Grace of Nald'thal
  • Minor Lv.20: Grace of Thaliak
  • Botanist Lv. 1: Forester
  • Botanist Lv. 3: Dendrology
  • Botanist Lv. 6: Dendrology II
  • Botanist Lv. 20: Grace of Nophica
  • Botanist Lv. 20: Grace of Menphina
  • Botanist Lv. 20: Grace of Llymlaen

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