FFXIV - The headquarters

Here we are, the last instance of the epic!

You will need a team of 8 players: 2 tanks, 2 healers and DPS. Clean the first room and use the magitek terminal

Continue to eliminate the soldiers. You will get an Imperial Identification Key. Then use the magitek terminal

Continue on your way and get off.

And we continue to clean. On this floor a safe awaits you:

Then take the magitek transporter:

And we're still cleaning up to get a new imperial identification key. Then use the magitek terminal to open the door to the command room.

In this room is the first boss: Colossus magitek II. The fight is not very difficult. With the Colossus defeated, use the Magitek Terminal to get to the lower level.

Open the chest, kill the enemies that get in your way and go forward.

And we advance in the Soldiers' quarter. At the end, open the chest, use the magitek terminal. In the Magitek Weapon Identification Room, each party member will need to register on the magitek armor identification device.

It's time to play with themagitek armor ! Climb on it and continue on your way.

Go to the Cermet partition to explode it with your armor.

Continue by knocking out the arms that block your way. Be careful: if you get too close to them, you risk losing your Magitek Armor. You come to one last reinforced cermet partition that must be destroyed.

It's time to save the world!

You are first confronted with Black tol Scaelva. The whole arena will electrify, leaving only a smaller combat zone. Nero will regularly push you back into the electrical zone: don't hang around in it too much. Your healers will need to ensure that you remove any status ailments received.

Des Magitek Death Claws will then appear with a purple link to a player. The latter will have to advance opposite the Claw to bring it into the arena. You can then eliminate it when it is within your reach.

Nero defeated, a new enemy intervenes between you and Arma Ultima:  Gaius of Baelsar. Be careful, don't stay in the blue AOEs that Gaius places on the ground. The Garlemadais also teleports several times during the battle.

Then Gaius will disappear to leave you facing The Last Weapon.  The dreaded weapon has several attacks. He first uses a straight line that appears on the ground. Don't stay on it.

During the confrontation, the power d'Hydaelyn will come and help you by restoring your HP and MP.

Then Ultima Arma will use the powers of Primordial that he absorbed: he erects Garuda's calm zone and when it disappears, uses a Titan attack. So you have to move quickly from the center of the arena to the edge.

The Arma Ultima will lose Garuda's power. He continues with an attack from Ifrit: return to the center of the arena. Then he will alternate Ifrit's attacks with Titan's feathers. You must therefore be very responsive, move from the edge of the arena to its center and vice versa quickly. A little preview of what awaits you:

Continue the fight, the Arma will lose the power of Titan while Hydaelyn helps you once again. He only has those of Ifrit left. In addition to the other attacks, he will use the eruptions of the Primordial:

You reach the end of this first phase: And yes, there are two! Here you are in a new combat zone. Several attacks will require your attention:

  • the attack in a straight line, as at the beginning of the first phase.
  • the appearance of destructive drones that use lasers (like the sceptres of the final boss of the Temple of Qarn).
  • huge machines that descend from the sky, where you have to get as far as possible from the area marked in circular waves.
  • luminous balls that target a player: he must avoid bringing him towards his teammates.
Online attack Drone magitek danger zone

Boom! Energy ball

When Ultima Arma is low on health, it will charge an attack called "Ultima". You must destroy the boss before the end of loading his ultimate attack or you will all die. Now is the time for your DPS to show off!

Arma Ultima eliminated, a new opponent appears: Lahabrea. The combat is not very complicated, just avoid the attacks of zone on the ground.


Congratulations, you have completed the epic! Meet at Refuge des Sables to take on new challenges. 

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