FFXIV - The Mirage System

As you know, the Mirage appearance change system is coming with Update 2.2. But how does it really work? What must be done to have access to it?

First of all, to use mirages, you will need to complete a special quest:


Let's move on to the system itself, you will first need to have three objects:

  • The base object whose appearance you want to change
  • The appearance object (final image)
  • The suitable catalyst (Mirage prism), there are different types, which one you should use depends on the item level and the required repair class of the appearance item:
    • Mirage Prism I (Repair Class): Item level 1 to 20.
    • Mirage Prism II (Repair Class): Item level 21 to 40.
    • Mirage Prism III (Repair Class): Item level 41 to 60.
    • Mirage Prism IV (Repair Class): Item level 61-80.
    • Mirage Prism V (Repair Class): Item level 81 and above.

Apart from the catalyst which is a consumable, the rest is not lost during the operation. However, some conditions must be met to project a mirage:

  • Object type: the base object and the appearance object must be of the same type (head, torso, etc.).
  • Equipment Level: The equipment level of the appearance item must be equal to or less than that of the base item.
  • Class: The base item and the appearance item must be able to be equipped by a common class.
  • Gender and Race Restrictions: The base item and the appearance item must be capable of being equipped by the same gender and race.

Now let's see some examples to better understand the system:

The following example respects all the required conditions, we will therefore have the image of the healing dawn instead of the healing flow.

Conversely, this case does not work because the flow is a Torso + Head equipment while the base object is only a basic torso.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can erase the mirage. You will have to buy a Heat sink (sold by NPCs who offer colorless prisms) and choose the Erase option in the menu


Manufacture of mirage prisms

All the disciplines of the Hand can craft prisms. Previously, the artisan will have to complete the quest "Just an illusion" then contact the NPC Tataroka to acquire a book dealing with mirages.
Colorless Prisms, a necessary ingredient for a Mirage Prism, can be purchased from the following NPCs:

  • Bango Zango, Limsa Lominsa, Entrepont (9, 11)
  • Maisenta, New Gridania (11, 11)
  • Roarich, Ul'dah, Faubourg de Nald (10, 9)


And you, do you already have ideas about the mirage system?

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