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Update 2.45 also brings us novelty on the side of the Mog Kiosk. Indeed the different wedding formulas are appearing as well as new costumes in connection with the end of year celebrations, a new mascot and finally the implementation of paid dyes.

The three wedding formulas are put forward as a selection of the moment.

Different wedding formulas

The three formulas offer us different advantages which will be explained to you in an upcoming article.

Note that for the paying marriage each of the protagonists must take the same formula, therefore 14 euros for the Gold formula and 28 euros for the Platinum plan.

Different costumes to celebrate Christmas are also present at the price of 3,50 euros at the same price as the full costumes ofHalloween. The dreamlike costume allows you to dress up in Christmas colors to party throughout Eorzea! The Reindeer Costume allows you to make any character look cute. And finally we have the Snowman costume which includes the “open mouth” option that can be activated with the “visor” emote.

Dreamlike Costume Reindeer Costume Snowman costume

The new mascot that makes its appearance is a Urianger miniature at the price of 3,50 euros like the others already on sale.

Urianger miniature (mascot)

Finally we have the implementation of dyes at the price of 0,70 €. At the moment we have three different colors: Red, Green and Metallic Blue. These dyes give a nice glossy effect to your equipment

Note that these dyes are sold individually and allow you to dye a single piece of equipment if you want to dye a complete tack you will have to buy the dye several times.

Blue metallic stain

Red metallic dye

Green metallic dye

 So are you going to indulge yourself in a three-star wedding? Or a tack with new colors?

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