FFXIV - The Monk

The Monks were part of Ala Mhigo's famous army just like the Lancers. They developed their own fighting style. While it may appear that they are performing dance steps, they are in fact blows of rare power that strike their enemies. While fighting, they listen to their chakras. The Monks are members of the Point cult of Rhalgr, god of destruction, considered a model in their eyes.



  • The Monk is a melee damage job
  • To unlock this job you must be Pugilist Lv.30 and Master of Hast Lv.15



  • Actions
  • Actions
  • Talents

The Monk has all the actions of the Pugilist:

  • Lv. 1: Volley of Blows
  • Lv. 2: Direct Point Hit
  • Lv. 4: Light Feet
  • Lv.6: Loud Punch
  • Lv.8: Second Breath
  • Nv.10 : Haymaker
  • Lv. 12: Inner Release
  • Lv.15: Death Touch
  • Lv. 18: Twin Serpents
  • Lv. 22: Fists of Earth
  • Lv. 26: Destroyer's Strike
  • Lv.30: Demolition
  • Lv. 34: Fists of Wind
  • Lv. 38: Steel Charge
  • Nv. 42: Mantra
  • Lv. 46: Howling Fist
  • Lv.50: Perfect Balance

And actions specific to the job:

  • Lv. 30: Rockbreaker
  • Lv. 35: Shoulder Strike
  • Lv.40: Fists of Fire
  • Lv. 45: Lightning Strike
  • Lv.50: Dragon Lock
  • Lv. 52: Slip Stance
  • Lv. 54: Meditation
  • Lv. 56: Field Elixir
  • Lv. 58: Sanitation
  • Lv.60: Tornado Kick
  • Lv.8: Improved Strength I
  • Lv.14: Improved Light Feet
  • Lv.16: Improved Strength II
  • Lv.20: Improved Lightning Speed ​​I
  • Lv. 24: Improved Strength III
  • Lv. 28: Improved Twin Snakes
  • Lv. 32: Improved Second Breath
  • Lv. 34: Improved Inner Looseness
  • Lv.40: Improved Lightning Speed ​​II
  • Lv. 44: Improved Steel Charge
  • Lv. 48: Improved Mantra
  • Master of Hast: Lv. 2: Feint
  • Hastmaster Lv. 6: Defensive Volley
  • Master of Hast Lv. 8: Impulse
  • Master of Hast Lv. 22: Motivation
  • Hastmaster Lv. 34: Thoroughbred
  • Marauder: Lv. 2: Aguet
  • Marauder Lv. 4: Skullbreaker
  • Marauder Lv. 6: Fracture
  • Marauder Lv. 8: Bloodbath
  • Marauder Lv. 26: Finishing Blow

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