FFXIV - The Ninja

Long ago, the peoples of the East developed a whole panoply of secret methods to survive and protect their property during times of conflict. This is now called ninjutsu.

Skillfully using the energy that travels the sky, the earth and even the body of men, ninja perform their techniques through esoteric symbols. They are never transmitted except from teacher to pupil, in the hidden villages they have established in the depths of the mountains of their distant lands ... However, the presence of a common enemy could well lead them to share their secrets with new allies.



  • Ninja is a melee damage job.
  • To access the quest unlocking the job, you will need to be Stacker Lv.30 and Pugilist Lv.15.


  • Actions
  • Features
  • Talents

The Ninja has all the actions of the Surineur:

  • Lv. 1: Spinning Blade
  • Lv. 2: Absolute Dodge
  • Lv. 4: Tailladant Whirlpool
  • Lv. 6: Wasp Kiss
  • Lv.8: Mutilating Attack
  • Lv. 10: Concealment
  • Nv.12 : Assassinement
  • Nv.15: Robberies
  • Lv. 15: Throwing Daggers
  • Lv. 18: Sting
  • Lv. 22: Sneak Attack
  • Lv. 26: Wind Blade
  • Lv.30: Viper's Kiss
  • Nv.34 : Jugulation
  • Lv. 38: Dancing Blade
  • Lv. 42: Fatal Rose Garden
  • Lv. 46: Shadowfang
  • Lv.50: Sneak Attack

And actions specific to the job:

  • Nv.30 : Ninjutsu
  • Nv.30 : Ten
  • Nv.35: Chi
  • Nv.40: Shukuchi
  • Nv.45: Jin
  • Nv.50: Kassatsu
  • Lv. 52: Smoke Screen
  • Lv. 54: Pierce Armor
  • Lv. 56: Shadow Manipulator
  • Lv. 58: Duality
  • Lv.60: Dream within a dream
  • Lv.8: Improved Dexterity
  • Lv. 14: On His Paws
  • Lv.16: Improved Dexterity II
  • Lv. 20: Vive Allure
  • Lv. 24: Improved Dexterity III
  • Lv. 28: Improved Sting
  • Lv. 32: Shadow Prowler
  • Lv. 36: Improved Wasp Kiss
  • Lv.40: Improved Viper Kiss
  • Lv. 44: Improved Mutilating Attack
  • Lv. 48: Improved Fatal Rose Garden
  • Master of Hast: Lv. 2: Feint
  • Hastmaster Lv. 6: Defensive Volley
  • Master of Hast Lv. 22: Motivation
  • Hastmaster Lv. 34: Thoroughbred
  • Pugilist Lv. 4: Light Feet
  • Pugilist Lv.8: Second Breath
  • Pugilist Lv. 12: Inner Release
  • Pugiliste Nv. 42: Mantra

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