FFXIV - The Vagabond's Palace (brutal)

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The Vagabond's Palace needs your help! To return there, you will need to contact Bloezoeng to start the Invasion quest at Drifter's Palace. To enter the instance, you will need to have an ilvl of 90.

The first boss, Koheel Ja, intends to burn you. He will attack a random player with a fire attack. His other major attack involves throwing spears into the ground. They make fire AOEs and inflict a condition causing you to lose health. Kill them quickly.

When you are done playing with fire, continue your progress to help your fellow Tonberry. Groups of Mamool Ja will be gathered around banners. Take them out of the area of ​​effect to kill them, the latter increasing their abilities.

You manage to Zolool Yes, the second boss. Here it is a happy mess. Flags will appear during the fight. They are different colors and each gives an effect: increased damage, decreased fire resistance, slowing down, transforming into a frog ... You will not know the effect of the flag until you have touched it.
Additionally, the boss will turn one of the players into a toad. One of the totems will be able to remove the transformation.


Zolool Ja eliminated and a few tonberries saved, head for the cleaning of the wastewater treatment plant where you will come across charming enemies: Purulent abscess accompanied by purulent pustules. In this place, you will be non stop under poison and the monsters will add a layer of it.

It will then be necessary to activate a drainage valve to lower the water level in order to continue moving forward.

No time to take a shower, the dreaded Molaa Ja Ja waiting for you ! It is not very difficult and will mainly require you to move regularly. There are several ways to annoy you:

  • Soul Immersion: Inflicts Glas, which can be lethal, on a random player. Your healer will need to restore all of your hit points to remove it (like the Mermaid charm in Sirius' Lighthouse).
  • Tyrannical bellow: huge cone attack in front of Molaa Ja Ja.
  • It targets a random player, stuns them, and deals damage to them.
  • It makes flags appear: you just have to take it away.
  • He brings up totems that are linked to him. They must be destroyed.

The easiest way is to stay close to him in order to avoid AOEs quickly.

Totem Etendard Cone attack

There will be two other enemies that will invite themselves during the fight, they are easy to eliminate.

Loot List

  • HAS - DRG :
    • Picaro Headguard of Maiming 
    • Picaro Jacket of Maiming 
    • Picaro's Armguards of Maiming 
    • Picaro Pants of Maiming 
  • PGL - MOI:
    • Picaro's Eye Patch of Striking
    • Picaro's Jacket of Striking 
    • Picaro Belt of Striking
    • Picaro's Armguards of Striking 
  • ARC - BRD :
    • Bogatyr's Gloves of Aiming 
    • Bogatyr's Cord Belt of Aiming
    • Bogatyr's Kits of Aiming 
    • Bogatyr's Legplates of Aiming
  • ON - NIN:
    • Picaro's Mask of Scouting 
    • Picaro Jacket of Scouting
    • Picaro Belt of Scouting
    • Picaro Scout Armguards 
  • ÉLM - MBL - ÉRU:
    • Bogatyr's Brooch of Healing
    • Bogatyr Rope Belt of Healing
    • Bogatyr Kits of Healing 
    • Bogatyr Thigh Boots of Healing
  • OCC - ACN - MNO - INV: 
    • Bogatyr's Eyepads of Casting
    • Bogatyr's Gloves of Casting 
    • Bogatyr's Kits of Casting 
    • Bogatyr's Legplates of Casting
  • GLA - MRD - PLD - GUE:
    • Sallet the valet
    • Jack's hauberk
    • Tassette the valet 
    • Valet sabatons 
  • All classes:
    • Valet necklace
    • Valet earrings
    • Jacket vests 
    • Picaro's Necklace of Slaying 
    • Picaro attacker's vests 
    • Picaro's Ring of Slaying 
    • Wanderer's Armilles of Aiming 
    • Wanderer's Ring of Aiming 
    • Wanderer's Necklace of Healing
    • Wanderer's Earrings of Healing 
    • Wanderer's Armils of Healing 
    • Wanderer's Earrings of Casting 
    • Wanderer's Ring of Casting
  • Craft Materials:
    • Emery
    • Cashmere fleece
    • Raziq sand
    • Scheelite ore
    • Petrified Log
    • Saurian skin
    • Fawn Latex

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