FFXIV - The Yo-Kai invade Eorzea!

Presented during the 29th Live Letter, the Yo-Kai Watch event is finally coming!


The event in question will allow players to obtain a large number of pets, a mount and weapons for each job in Final Fantasy XIV featuring the Yo-Kai.

  • Start of the event : July 26 at 8 a.m.
  • End of the event : October 3, 2016) 14:59 p.m.


Where to start the adventure?

To start the event, you must first go to Ul'dah - Faubourg de Nald in order to speak to the "Young man annoyed" (9,2, 9,1) who will propose the quest "Whisper on the city"

This quest, once completed, will grant you a "Yo-kai Watch" as well as a "Yo-Kai Medal" allowing you to obtain "Yo-kai medals". It is through these that you can obtain the many Yo-kai mascots!

To access this quest, you must be at least level 15 and have completed the epic quest "Emissary of Grigania / Limsa Lominsa / Ul'dah".


How to get the new pets

To obtain the new pets (13 in total), you will need to obtain Yo-kai medals and bring them to the "Wandering Boss" who is in the Gold Saucer.

If you manage to befriend the thirteen pets, you will get the “Whisper” mount as a gift. A small single-seater aircraft.


How do I get Yo-kai medals?

To obtain the Yo-kai medals, you must first complete the quest "Whisper on the city" which allows you to recover the Yo-kai Watch. Once the latter is equipped, all you have to do is participate in the various Hazards in the following areas:

  • Noscea
  • Darkshroud Forest
  • Thanalan

How do I get the unique weapons?

In addition to the pets and mount, the Wandering Boss offers a selection of unique weapons for each Final Fantasy XIV job that can be redeemed for “Legendary Medals”.

Legendary medals require players to call a Yo-Kai mascot corresponding to the desired weapon and participate with it in the hazards.

Here is the list of which mascot grants which equipment:


  •  Guerrier -> Jabanyan -> Big paw of the ruddy cat.
  • Black Knight -> Hovernyan -> Fang of the Fearless Cat.
  •  Paladin -> Shogunyan -> Courageous Cat's Mustache / Legendary Cat Rondache.


  • Scholar -> Komajiro -> Temple Guardian Codex.
  • Astromancy -> Noko -> Celestial sphere of the lucky serpent.
  • White Mage -> Komasan -> Cane of the guardian of the temple.

Class of damage:

  • Moine -> Usapyon -> Lunar hare ears.
  • Dragon knight -> Octorgon -> Lightning Dragon Spear.
  • Ninja -> Kyubi -> Claw of the Burning Fox.
  • Machinist -> Robonyan F-Type -> Metal cat carabiner.
  • Bard -> Whisper -> Arc of the pedantic specter.
  • Black Magus -> Blizzaria -> Staff of the Snow Princess.
  • Summoner -> Corniot -> Grimoire of the repulsive dog.


Unique weapons


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