SWTOR – Datacrons

Datacrons are an extremely important source of knowledge. Imbued with mystical magic, they will allow you to make your character even more powerful by increasing some of his characteristics.

For some in plain sight, others will put your explorer skills to the test, and will require all your skill and patience to hope to acquire their power.



  • The Datacrons: Presentation
  • Table of datacrons by character
  • The Matrix Cube (Republic)
  • The Matrix Cube (Empire)
  • The mystery of the Datacron +10



  • Tython datacrons
  • The Datacron of Ord Mantell
  • The Datacrons on Korriban and Hutta
  • The datacrons of Coruscant
  • Dromund Kaas datacrons
  • The Datacrons of Taris (Republic)
  • The Datacrons of Balmorra (Empire)
  • The Datacrons of Nar Shadda (Republic)
  • The Datacrons of Nar Shaddaa (Empire)
  • Datacrons on Tatooïne (Republic)
  • Datacrons on Tatooïne (Empire)
  • Datacrons on Tatooine and Alderaan
  • Tatooïne Datacron: tip
  • The Datacrons of Balmorra (Republic)
  • The Datacrons of Taris (Empire)
  • Datacrons on Quesh
  • Datacrons on Hoth
  • Datacrons on Voss
  • The Datacrons of Corellia (Republic)
  • The Datacrons of Corellia (Empire)
  • Datacrons on Belsavis
  • The Ilum Datacrons
  • Makeb: Datacron presence
  • Makeb: Datacrons (Presence / Endurance)
  • Rishi datacrons (Main statistic)



  • Jedi Consular: Useful Datacrons
  • Sith Inquisitor: Useful Datacrons
  • Smuggler: Useful Datacrons
  • Imperial Agent: Useful Datacrons
  • Jedi Knight: Useful Datacrons
  • Sith Warrior: Useful Datacrons
  • Soldier: Useful Datacrons
  • Bounty Hunter: Useful Datacrons

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