FFXIV - Triple Triad: how it works

Update 2.51 introduced Gold Saucer on official servers. This update has added many activities among which is the Triple Triad card game. Triple Triad is a card game that was first seen in the game Final Fantasy VIII. Its operation is very simple which makes it quite addicting so be careful before you start!



  • Video
  • Operation
  • Game modes
    • Basic rules
    • Special rules
  • Tournaments



To visualize in action what a Triple Triad match gives, I offer you a video guide that will explain the basics of the game and show you the progress of a match.



To unlock the Triple Triad functionality, you must first complete the Three Word Triple Triad quest in Gold Saucer's Duelist Square.

Now that you can play the Triple Triad, you'll need to know the basics. Now if you go to the Character window you have a new Gold Saucer field and in this you will have a Games tab.

Here you will be able to save up to 5 different game sets that you can choose for certain game modes.

To play the Triple Triad, you can compete against NPCs or players in the different areas of the Triple Triad. Available NPCs have a special icon above their head and you can compete against players by right-clicking on them and then choosing the Triple Triad option.

You can create your own deck of cards, but there are some limitations. The cards have a certain rarity (from 1 star to 5) and, depending on the number of different cards in your collection, you will be able to put more or less rare cards in your deck:

  • 1 to 29 different cards: 1 card with 2 stars or more, 4 cards with 1 star,
  • 30 to 59 different cards: 1 card of 3 stars or more, 4 cards of 1 to 2 stars,
  • 60 cards and more: 1 card of 4 to 5 stars, 4 cards of 1 to 3 stars.


Game modes

The Triple Triad game offers different game modes, each revolving around the same principle but modifying certain rules.


Basic rules

A card has 4 digits located on 4 sides (top, bottom, left, right).

You are playing on a 9 square 3x3 grid. One after the other, you and your opponent will have to put a card on the board. If you put a card next to one of your opponent and the number of your card on the opposing card's side is greater than that card on your side, then you capture that card, it takes the player's color.

Once the checkerboard is filled, the winner is the player with the most cards of his color, counting the card that the second player still has in his hand.

As mentioned above, there are several rules of the game. When facing an NPC, it is this one who sets the rules. When facing a player, it is the one who launches the challenge who chooses them.


Special rules

  • All on the table : each player sees the complete hand of the opposing player.
  • Three on table : each player sees only 3 cards from the opposing player's hand.

  • Identical : when placing a card, if at least 2 adjacent cards have the same number on a common side, they are captured and the cards adjacent to them are also captured if their number is lower than these.


  • Sudden death : a normal game but with no possible null result. If this happens, the game starts over with the same cards.


  • Plus : when placing a card, if the sum of the numbers on the common side is the same for at least 2 cards, the opposing adjacent cards are captured and the cards adjacent to them are also captured if their number is lower than these.


  • Random : a normal game with no choice of game. Your cards are chosen at random from those in your collection.


  • Ordre : Players can only use their cards in the order they are saved in their deck.


  • Chaos : players can only use the cards in a random order.


  • Investment : reverse the rules, the number must be smaller to capture a card.


  • Ace killer : the ace becomes less powerful than the number 1. If there is accumulation with the Inversion mode, the ace becomes stronger than the number 1 but less powerful than all the other numbers.


  • Bonus : each card from the same family placed on the checkerboard increases the power of each card in this family by 1 point. If the number 10 is exceeded, it becomes an ace.


  • Malus : inverse effect of the Bonus, each card of a family decreases the power of the cards of this family by 1 point. Numbers cannot be less than 1.


  • Exchange : a card from each player is randomly exchanged between them.

  • Roulette : randomly chooses a special rule among those stated above.



Tournaments are available regularly at the Gold Saucer. You will be able to earn certain cards there which can be very rare. To register, all you have to do is talk to the scorer located at the Square des duellistes at the Gold Saucer (4, 7).

The ranking of a tournament is defined by the number of cumulative points that each player wins. The number of points won per game will depend on the outcome of the game as well as the ranking of the player against.

You can view your tournament rankings at any time by talking to the scorer you are registering for.


Now that you know everything about the Triple Triad, all you have to do is collect all the cards and become the best player!

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