FFXIV - Visit of rooms # 5 - Zantetsuken Guild Special

Today a visit bedrooms a little peculiar. Indeed, I was invited by the Zantetsuken Guild on Shiva. Here I am armed with my Lalafell for this surprising visit. Arriving in front, I look at the sign to be sure I'm in the right place: it's good La Coupe, sector 3 location 19.


I start with a little tour from the outside.

And here I am in front their garden (which farmers) as well as chocobo stable very busy. Oh the pretty chocobo blanc (well not as pretty as my pink chocobo, but hey, he's cute anyway).

Happens at this time Zaphira Yami who will show me around the interior of their house and their rooms. They decided to dedicate each floor to the glory of the three city-states. The first floor is in the theme of Maelstrom with a friendly tavern atmosphere.

Upstairs is the space dedicated to glory of Ul'dah

It is pointed out to me that here it is the officers' office. On this floor, there is also a bedroom for adults and a bedroom for children (finally the Lalafells).

I then go in search of the top floor, the basement, to see what was their inspiration for the Gloire de Gridania.

Here are present a beautiful fountain and craft workshops,but I see a large bar which takes up most of the space. I then ask if it is not also the benchmark of alcoholics : I am kindly answered that yes, I am right. That's what I thought (mouahahaha!).

I then go to explore the rooms. I start with that of our star of the day: Zaphira Yami

Tombery atmosphere

Then I continue my tour with all the members of the Free Company.

I think I found a fan of world maps ^^

My favorite little one of the free company, I'm quite a fan of the Arhiman style

For the following rooms it is still under construction but it promises great things.

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