WoW Timeless Isle: Rolo's Riddle

Here is a short guide that will allow you to complete the quest called Rolo's Enigma on the Timeless Island that appeared in World Of Warcraft update 5.4.

This quest, although very quickly achievable, will require some small subtleties, in particular knowing the essential positions.

  • Find the quest
  • First two clues
  • Last clue and reward

First of all, first step: collect the quest. It is not found on an NPC or by killing a monster roaming the island but finds in piles of sands:

After having excavated several piles of sand or depending on your luck on the first, you will find the object that will allow you to start the quest: Rolo's riddle.

Now that we have collected the quest, we just need to go for a walk on the map.

The first clue can be found at coordinates: 49.4 / 69.2. It's behind a tree, right next to a pillar with a chest on it if you haven't picked it up yet.

The second clue is at coordinates: 34.10 / 26.61, behind a rock formation and a big elite pack. Pay attention !

The third and final clue can be found at coordinates: 66.2 / 23.3. It is north of Red Lake on the map and requires the acquisition of an albatross to get there.

How to get an albatross?

Go to coordinates: 32.2 / 55.6 and wait, look at the image below it is the correct position to catch one in flight.

To get your albatross back, you just need to give it one hit and one. He will grab you in his beak and the journey begins. Be careful though, because anyone can hit it and smart kids will probably try to kill your albatross while you are at an altitude that can cost you your life. Take care and do this discreetly. Once the high altitudes are reached, you are safe. Your journey can calm down and your albatross will bring you to your destination.

Once you arrive at your destination, don't hesitate any longer, give everything you have on the albatross, it will stop and once dead, it will let you down. Go get the 3rd and last step of your puzzle and its loot.

There you go, you've just completed the short, but no less fun, Rolo Riddle quest.

To illustrate this guide, I made a video. The quality in full screen is frankly not very good, so I invite you to watch it in standard format, you will not lose any content.


I hope this little guide has helped you. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments of this article!

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