SWTOR - Presentation of the planet Makeb

A new post from the developers was posted last night to tell us more about Makeb, the new planet that will be introduced in the upcoming Rise of the Hut Cartel expansion and that will take center stage in the history of this one.

Charles Boyd, senior editor on SWTOR, gives us some information that I summarize for you here. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to consult the post in spanish directly.

  • In creating Makeb, which is entirely new to the Star Wars universe, the developers sought to create an original and unique environment, to give a different take on the conflict between the Republic and the Empire, and to explore themes that players had not seen them yet.
  • Makeb's idea is that of a beautiful planet devastated by ecological disasters, of a "ravaged world"
  • The habitable zones of the planet are at the top of huge stone mesas, but series of earthquakes constantly threaten to bring them down
  • It was a unanimous choice that the Hutts and their Cartel were the players' direct opponents. The increasing aggressiveness of the Cartel was also introduced in the second part of Operation Karagga Palace.
  • The Empire and the Republic are venturing into new ground on Makeb:
    • the Republic is in a position of superiority for the first time and this affects its decisions. Is it possible to answer the call for help from the leaders of Makeb and stop the Hutts without losing sight of the main objective of the conflict? What happens to the values ​​of the Republic when it is she who has the power?
    • the Empire, although weakened, is far from being out of the game. Especially since he knows why the Hutts have invaded Makeb and he would like to outstrip them to take advantage of the opportunity himself. .

What do you think of this information? Do they go in the direction of what you imagined for Makeb? How do you think the framework of the Republic and the Empire will evolve to take these changes into account?

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