FFXIV - Warrior: upcoming adjustments

Announced during the letters, the Warrior will be entitled to many adjustments. 



  • Swing brutal : The cooldown will be reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds), allowing the stun effect to be inflicted more often.
  • Domination : enmity gain will be increased.
  • Eye of the Storm: PT cost will be reduced to 60 (from 70).
  • Cleaver of justice :
    • PT cost will be reduced to 60 (from 90).
    • added an effect that reduces the damage dealt by the target for a certain time.
  • Holmgang: 
    • extended range to 6 yalms (instead of 3).
    • added a target attracting effect.
    • while the effect is active, lethal damage received will not reduce HP below 1.
    • display of a special effect between the character and the target.


  •  Reprisals : Damage received can be reduced by 30% while the effect is active.
  • Coup de grace : Cooldown will be reduced to 40 seconds (down from 60).
  • Thrill of battle : the duration of the effect will be extended to 20 seconds (instead of 10).


  • Challenge: 
    • Enmity gained while the effect is active will be increased.
    • healing received under this effect will be increased by 20%.
  • Inner beast: 
    • the amount of HP recovered will be reduced to 100% (instead of 300%) of the damage dealt.
    • damage received can be reduced by 20% for a given time (6 seconds).
  • Iron Cyclone:  enmity gain will be increased.
  • Rabies: the increase in the effect of healing spells received will be removed (it will be transferred to the Challenge action).
  • Postage: the cooldown will be reduced to 120 seconds (from 180).

In summary, Yoshi says the team wants the Warrior to be a "harder tank to kill." Warriors may not feel like they regain much health from Inner Beast, but their healers will find they are more resilient now. Inner Beast will therefore no longer give you as much health, but other actions allow you to take much more damage and be healed more effectively.

Warrior friends, what do you think of these changes?

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