FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

You have finally finished part of the quest for your zodiac weapon, you are happy to see it shine brightly. However, a quest line to make it more customizable was implemented in 2.28.


Spherical radiance

To do this, you must start the quest "Spherical Radiance" at Jalzahn's who is in the Northern Forest - Woodmill (29, 19). From there you will be redirected to Mor Dhona. Then, after at Blackcorn station to see Mutamix Bubblypots and finally at Hubairtin who will allow you to learn how to crimp a materia using a stellar scroll. It's a long way!

Once the quest is complete, Hubairtin will ask you for 3 High Quality Enchanted Inks which can be purchased in Mor Dhona for 250 Allagan tomestones of Martialism each.


Following these 3 High Quality Enchanted Inks, don't forget to talk to Hubairtin to get you a Star Scroll.

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

Once a stellar scroll is obtained (quest "Spherical Radiance"), it is possible to transfer the power of the materia to it in order to improve the attributes of your choice for an animus weapon. Upon completion of this process, it will transform into an Ancient Nova weapon with item level 110.

The physical / magical damage, strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence and spirit attributes (as well as accuracy for the Thyrsus and Omnilex) are retained during the process until the creation of the Novus weapon, where they automatically take a value corresponding to item level 110. All others disappear and are replaced by attributes focused on the Star Scroll.

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons


Transfer the power of materia

Here are the attributes that we can modify and add:

  • Critical
  • Determination
  • Devotion
  • Parade
  • Precision
  • Liveliness
  • Speed


Add these attributes

For this, you will need to have the materia in question and then an alexandrite.

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

To obtain an alexandrite you have four possibilities:

  • A daily quest: Brangwine "exchange of good practices"
  • 400 Martial Memos exchangeable at Auriana Mor Dhona.
  • In an ALÉA being equipped with an Animus weapon (same loot rate as the atma).
  • 200 Allied badges exchangeable at a Hunting Officer in your large company.

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

You will receive a mysterious card FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons  (for the daily quest as well as the Mémoquartz). Make your card and you will get an alexandrite.

The mysterious card is marked to be carried to a player. However, some enemies are very difficult to fight and you can do it in a group. I recommend it because in case of death your card is lost. Then you fuse your alexandrite with your material.

Start with level I materia. When you have put eight materia, you will have access to level II crimps.

Warning : if you level up, you will no longer be able to upgrade to lower level materia.

The success rate of crimping decreases as more materials are put in, do not worry when you upgrade the rate will go back to 100%

Warning : when you have merged a materia with the parchment, this choice is irreversible, so choose well.

Whatever the level of the materia, the bonus given to the stellar scroll always remains +1.

When a transfer fails, your alexandrite is not lost, just your materia.

To finish your entire weapon, you will need 75 Alexandrites.

Once your scroll is finalized, go to Blackcorn Station to see Hubairtin and fuse your weapon.

FFXIV - Zodiac Weapons Saga: Novus Weapons

Here you are in possession of your Novus


Good luck with obtaining your Novus Weapon.

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