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Hello I am Loni, Thief care of the Guardians of Anachore. With Tigroou, Maverick by nature, we want to tell you about the Darvannis mode 16 Nightmare bonus boss, the Hateful Entity, the "ultimate" boss in PvE mode 16 currently.

A quick summary of the terms used in this guide:

  • Buff : As you can have your stims, the boss can have an advantage.
  • Stacks : In its buff / debuff bar, some effects can have a number, it is stack. These stacks can go up or down. It will depend on the boss and the associated mechanics.
  • Kite : Technique where the boss is in constant movement to minimize damage, place damage zones, or need for mechanics.
  • Joke : Action where the boss draws you to him.
  • Fisting entity : Affective nickname that you may find in our videos.


This is a boss similar to the first Asation bonus boss. It has two compulsory prerequisites (in addition to a group 16):

  1. Wear the Dread Guard mask dropped by the world boss in Sector x (Dread Fang).
  2. Having fallen the bonus boss of Asation 16 Difficult, Terrifying Entity, which drops an orb allowing the bonus boss that interests us to appear.

Once in the instance, you will have to kill the first two bosses in any Difficult or Nightmare mode in order to have the necessary tag (without exceeding it of course). Then, you have to enter the instance in Nightmare mode 16 and kill the trash that is between the boss Titan 6 and Slayer.

This boss requires a sustained amount of damage in order to fall, the habit of combat will help you a lot and gradually make the fight less demanding but we will talk about it later. An optimal team composition should give:

  • 1 Tank, 4 Healers, Damage Classes (DPS) the majority of which must be distant in order to optimize survival at the start. We fell him recently with 6 melee and 5 distance but be aware that on average a melee will take twice as much damage as a distance.

Be careful not to touch the adds that are at the top of the stairs in the cave as this is the point where the Hateful entity spawns.


Preparatory phase for combat

The tank goes to the top of the stairs in the company of a part of the damage classes designated by the RL and all the healers.

The goal is to drop the adds at the same time below the 20% mark. Indeed, when they reach 20%, they will have a buff. At the end of the buff, they die instantly. It is therefore imperative that all adds drop below 20% at the same time to spawn the Hateful Entity.

No need to hurry on this preparatory phase, know that the boss does not appear automatically afterwards and that if you make the mistake of killing an add without having respected the strategy, you will have to take out the whole raid and reset the phase to kill new trash, it is slightly exhausting.


Combat phase

The bearer of the amulet (better if it is the tank) goes to the top of the stairs in front of the Hateful Entity and uses the amulet to make the critter appear.

Don't worry, the wearer of the amulet will take some damage then.

The earth trembles and there it is.

This fight can be likened to the other bonus boss since it will be necessary to constantly the kiter (therefore to make it run) on a path defined by the RL to take it progressively towards the closed portal of Titan 6. There is no no ultimate method or perfect path for this kite, just know that the tank can start the kite on the stairs and then choose to go directly to the cave or make a turn around the right pillar (these are the methods used by our group). The first method requires sustained damage, the second may wear out your nerves since it generates a period of out of range / visual for healers and ranged damage classes, therefore sometimes dead.

Regarding the movement of healers and distances, they must always be packed, to optimize travel and care. It will be necessary to define a leader or two who will set the pace of the movements and define the waypoints (and will sometimes have to adapt according to the boss's offsets). By that I mean that they will ask the group to stand for example at the bottom of the stairs at the start of the fight then against the wall, then move to such and such a place, etc. It is up to you to make your own experience, but know that it is a big responsibility because it gives the fighting rhythm of the whole group.

Still, the deceitful has some very nasty mechanics:

  • 10 Million health points
  • 8 minutes of combat before annihilation of the raid. (XNUMXth damage stack)
  • Like the Asation entity, the boss has a damage buff and a protection buff. The more the protection buff drops, the more the damage buff increases. That is to say that the boss will take very little damage at the start of the fight but will suddenly hurt less.

  • The trend will then be reversed, you will hurt him more and more but he will also do more and more damage (Cast of hateful awakenings) Know that the boss can take up to 14 Stacks of damage buff then he instantly kill the entire raid.

  • The boss will periodically do an overall damage on the raid which is dependent on the number of damage stacks it has. Suffice to say that in the end, whoever is not treated before this global damage is sure to die.
  • The boss drops hateful nothingness on the ground on a regular basis (every 10 seconds) forcing the tank to place them continuously while kiting. Staying in these areas involves a quick death as they hurt a lot (at least 5-6k memory damage on each charge), so you have to get out of them as quickly as possible. Hateful Voids are the nightmare of the clinch who must monitor their placements and continue to strike.
  • The boss grabs the entire raid periodically. We know that the grap kicks in every 20-25 seconds or so, surely percentage based and therefore dependent on your firepower. BE CAREFUL, this is the most important mechanism. Indeed, the grap not only brings you back to the boss but also behind him if you stay too far away at the time of the spell. The distance-healing group must therefore never be too close or too far from the boss.
  • The boss also uses a random mechanic that takes the form of a big bump on a person in the raid. If it is not placed against a wall, it will be sent at least forty yards further in addition to taking a lot of damage.
  • Finally and since this Swiss Army Knife boss is well worth it, he has a spell similar to Tyrants on the Dread Council, Death Marks. As a reminder, this is a debuff which takes the form of either a skull, a human head, a body or a mummy and which at the end of its timer kills its wearer. Again, as a reminder, the order of priority for speed of debuffs is Skull → Body → Human Head → Mummy.

This spell occurs shortly before a grap phase usually every minute. All the distant ones dispell (dispel) alone when the debuff is set, the healers are assigned a melee with another distant in back up. The debuffs are random in number and type throughout the raid and I could observe that they were systematically on those who were closest to the boss, the melee. Be vigilant and do not hesitate to communicate a failure or an out of range / visual so that a dispell back up takes control.


Advice on the conduct of the fight

  • Lead
  • Tank
  • Damage
  • Caregivers
  • We must establish a global lead, he must announce the different phases of the boss. What we are announcing:
    • "Soon the grap"
    • "Mark of Death"
    • "We move to the next grap"
  • It is necessary to establish a lead Body-to-body which announces the bad placements of cac in real time.
  • A distant lead / healer is necessary to set up the group's placements. It will have a symbol for the group to follow and the tank to spot.
  • For our part, Mayoo in sentry is our raid lead, Tigroou in Franc-Tireur is the distant / healer lead. Maolie en scholar healer is in back up for the placement of the distant / healer.
  • As said before, you need to place Hateful Voids out of the path every 10 seconds. Every 20-25 seconds, you have to anticipate the grap that the boss makes on the whole raid, so you have to get closer to the distant group to grap it and then move away quickly to place the next hateful nothingness.
  • Be careful for the phase at less than 30% of the boss's life, the damage will increase significantly (execution phase, damage buff…), the timing of the graps will therefore change at this time.
  • As a melee, you must line up with the boss with the Distant and Healer group at all times. This is to avoid the 40m bump at the other end of the room which will definitely kill you. I advise you not to announce "vasy dispell dispell dispell", it tends to stress your healers. Just know that you have one associated with your survival during this mechanic. A Sentinel must be assigned to use Transcendence. In his fight, he will NOT do any Zen but only Transcendences to help the raid in its placement, the tank for the mechanics of the fight.
  • As a Distant, you must follow the "Distant / Healer" lead in order to make perfect placements. It is imperative to place yourself well against a wall.
  • Regarding the care, you will have to get your fingers out of the posterior as they say. You should not rely on others for your rest.
  • Despite the equipment upgrade, an adaptation phase will be necessary. This is what we do, a healer is in priority on the tank (undemanding heal allowing to do a lot of assist next to it.), A healer is given priority on melee and the other two are on the whole raid. Depending on the care composition, I think we should put the Scholars / Sorcerers more on the group, the tank rather Thug / Agent or Commando / Mercenary, melee rather Thug / Agent or Commando / Mercenary.
  • Needless to say, you have to take care of the entire raid anyway.
  • Your priority, in addition to your attribution, will be to raise the guys who have their life bar below the 60% mark as absolute priority especially towards the end of the fight because the overall damage of the boss will kill them outright and a dead guy. useless.
  • Personally I hit a little over 3600 effective healing and I don't think I'm with a team of penguins so that means the fight is demanding. I even did trys at 3900, 4000.
  • Do not hesitate to snap your doping burst once out of the cave to ensure the blow and your increase in alacrity (I speak for the Thugs / Agents).
  • I advise you to slam your defensive spell during grap phases or as soon as you are targeted by a mono bump attack. (Because the Bump Mono sequence then global damage is fatal).

You can now see our first down of this boss via 3 Viewpoint:

Sentinel Spar'kk

Djah in Commando care assigned to the tank

Tigroou in Maverick / Remote Lead



Clearly this is the "ultimate" boss in raid 16. It is interesting in all positions: it requires perfect tanking, substantial damage with perfect placements, a group of competent healers.

Regarding loot, this boss gives 4 Dread Masters Cretes. This helmet has the advantage of not deteriorating over the deaths. By equipping it, you will save repair credits. By killing this boss, you will also get the title: "Eternal Warrior" / "Eternal Warrior"

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