Final Fantasy - The Vieras


With their large size and slender figure, Vieras would almost resemble Hyurs and Elezens if they weren't equipped with long, protruding ears. As required by the "Green Word", the strict code governing their community, it is forbidden for ViERAs to come into contact with the outside world on pain of being exiled. Their society is matriarchal and male individuals are rarely seen within the walls of the villages. Lying in the shadows, they protect the forest and prevent intruders from entering the sacred lands of their people.

Rava Viéras

The Vieras of the Rava clan live for the most part in the Golmore Jungle, their coppery skin allowing them to easily blend in with their surroundings.
Although the men act as guardians of the forest, the women themselves are skilled hunters, perfectly capable of defending their homes. The Rava Veras have always known how to retain their sovereignty, including under the domination of the kingdom of Dalmasca. Although most of the clan members dedicate their existence to their sacred forest, a few individuals choose to explore the outside world.

Veena Viéras

Skin as fair as the snow-capped sums dominating the region, the Veenas Veras have taken up residence in the forests bordering the southern slopes of the Skatay Mountains.
Like their counterpart from the Rava clan, they make a living from hunting and gathering, working not only to protect the woods, but also to promote their prosperity. The few Veena women who have chosen to leave their native mountains have failed almost everything in Eorzea, as much tossed about as they are hardened by the winds of war.


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