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With the extension, we have, of course, new content, but not only! ArenaNet returns to a new feature: the action mode of the camera.

This new feature changes a lot of things for the player. Initially, you had to use the right click to see around your character. Thanks to this new mode, as long as it remains active, the mouse is no longer necessary to look around you. This new mode can be activated / deactivated will in the new interface. This automatic aim will select the targets in the sight according to four states:

  • Default: Skills trigger in the crosshair.
  • Valid target but out of range: Skills trigger on the crosshair.
  • Target active and within range of one of the skills on your bar: your skills are triggered on the target.

Targeting will be an optional feature in this new mode. If you are not using it, you will always aim in front of you or according to your sight. Conversely, if you use it, only your target will suffer the spells you cast. The left button of your mouse is no longer used for the camera, it will allow you to launch your first skill (continuously if you keep it pressed).

An interesting novelty for players using AoEs: if you use the option to "Move ground targeting to current target" your area of ​​effect will automatically be launched at the foot of your target if you are in range. Also new: a new option "Skill retargeting" will allow the player to have a new target if the current one dies. This case can arise on enemies with long casting times (Nightmare for example).

If you want to know more about the impact of this feature:

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